We've put together a bit of a digest of recent and upcoming Overture sightings!
前回ここで紹介したdublabイベント以外にも、ここでひとつひとつお知らせできてないですが最近いろんな場所で上映があります(&ありました)。 上映されたもの、これから上映されるもの、いくつか紹介しますね。
Kinofest / Romania

On October 28th, Ludic Chase screened in "Off animation 3" at Kinofest International Digital Film Festival in Romania! Many thanks!

ルーマニアの映画祭Kinofest International Digital Film Festivalの"Off animation 3"プログラムにてLudic Chaseが上映されました。


Optica Festival / Spain

From November 29th through December 1st Bryum & Kapok screened at Spain's Domhan Óptica Festival 2012 in Gijón! YAY!

スペイン北部アストゥリアス州の都市、Gijón(ヒホン)で開催される映画祭Domhan Óptica Festival 2012(11/29-12/1)にて、12/1にBryum & Kapokが上映されました。  ヒホン、いつか行ってみたい。 


Laterna Magica / France

Starting on December 5th and running through the 23rd, BLESS and Bryum & Kapok will be screening as part of the program, "Les Petites Formes", in the festival, Laterna Magica in France.
We are happy to be one of the focused artists with Allison Schulnik and Lilli Carré.

Taken from the festival site:
"Cette année, ce programme mettra plus particulièrement en lumière le travail de Lilli Carré, d’Allison Schulnik et du Studio Overture, qui chacun à leur façon, réinventent le langage du cinéma d’animation."
(This year, the program will specifically highlight the work of Lilli Carré, Schulnik Allison and Overture Studio, which in their own way, reinventing the language of animation.)

フランス・マルセイユの映画祭Laterna Magica (12/5-23)。

OvertureはAllison SchulnikLilli Carréと共に今年のこのプログラムのハイライト作家ということで、BLESSBryum & Kapok を上映させてもらうことになりました。


DOTMOV / Japan & World

And of course DOTMOV continues to tour its festival, screening Ludic Chase and Halfway all over the world. Their screenings are often times free, so take a look at their schedule and visit if you have the chance!

こちらもただいま上映中ですね。先日お伝えしたDOTMOVでもLudic ChaseHalfwayの二作品が選ばれて、ただいま国内外を巡回上映ツアー中です!(上映会場・スケジュールはこちら)


“Future Roots” WORKSHOP for children

The Japanese branch of dublab,, has officially officially opened and it looks just like the US home version, but in Japanese and with Japanese events listed. In conjunction with this site ground breaking is an event, Future Roots, at Shibaura House on 12/9. 
During this music event there will be a workshop a CD recording workshop, with our animations screening afterward! We are very happy to be able to once again be a part of a event after our Fruiting Bodies event back in April.

昨年の秋にLAのdublab12周年イベントのためにMushroom Huntingのアニメーションを製作&上映させてもらったり、今年の春の日本旅ではイベントFruiting BodiesでJordan Kimと共に映像上映をさせてもらっているdublab。
12/9に東京のSHIBAURA HOUSEで開催される×SHIBAURA HOUSE のイベント“Future Roots”




WORKSHOP for children 後、Overtureによるアニメーション上映決定!

この日はロスより初来日のMatthewdavidとAnenonライブをはじめ、日本よりBun / Fumitake Tamuraさん、Chihei Hatakeyamaさんのライブ、 ShhhhhさんのDJなどあり、


from Animation "Halfway"

For the third time we will be in the DOTMOV Festival, run by Sapporo online magazine, SHIFT! The first was in 2008, the second in 2010 and now 2012 with two animations selected, Halfway and Ludic Chase! We are very grateful!
Ludic Chase isn't available online in its entirety yet, but we did put together a trailer and you can watch it below.

There are 13 films in the festival and the screenings will start from November and play not just in Japan but in the US, UK, Sweden and other countries.

今年選ばれたのは「Ludic Chase」「Halfway」です!
Ludic Chaseは短いトレイラーをオンラインで見れるようにしました。全編ではないですが、これで雰囲気を掴んでもらえたら…。

Mr. Sandman on 2pause!

Mr. Sandman, our animation with The Kleenrz, got some 2pause love the other day when they introduced it on their popular music video site!
2pause also featured Halfway, our animation from earlier in the year with Japanese musician, Rayons.

アムステルダムの映像&情報サイト2pauseが、The KleenrzのビデオMr. Sandmanピックアップしてくれました!

Raindance Film Festival/レインダンス映画祭

Ludic Chase was picked to screen at the 20th Raindance Film Festival in London, 9/26 - 10/7!
This of course is a great honor and will also be the European premiere for Ludic Chase!

Here is the Ludic Chase page on the Raindance website.

Ludic Chase will be screened as part of the Shorts Programme 6, titled, Animated Display. The screening will take place at 5:30 PM on 9/29 at the Apollo Cinemas in Picadilly Circus.

Also, our friend Adrien, who made the music on Ludic Chase under the name rec.tangle, lives in the UK with his beautiful family, so having the UK premiere of the animation there is especially wonderful!

And don't forget to check out the Ludic Chase leaf pendants we are selling and some the Ludic Chase history in our series of videos and entries titled, Nook Notes. We will release the animation on the internet in the near future!

9/26〜10/7にイギリス・ロンドンで開催される第20回レインダンス映画祭にて「LUDIC CHASE」が選ばれました!

Ludic Chase | Raindance Film Festival,9194,0,0,1,0

上映は9月29日(金)17:30からのShorts Programme 6「Animated Display」です。会場はロンドン市内のピカデリーサーカスにある映画館Apollo Cinemas/アポロシネマです。


LUDIC CHASEについてはこのブログにアップしている製作ノートNOOK NOTESにいろいろ書いています。この映像にまつわるペンダントLudic Chaseのリーフペンダントはこちらです。

Upcoming Animation

We've got a new animation coming...!
(in addition to Ludic Chase)
It is a bit of a change of pace for us, a fresh musical styling, a touch of live action even!
We are quite excited.
The animation is a music video for Self Jupiter and Kenny Segal's new team-up, The Kleenrz. Their album is coming out July 31st on Hellfyre Club and our video will be out soon after.
They've already released another animated video by James Reitano, who's made videos for Kool Keith, Madvillian and Cut Chemist. He also did the artwork for the album.
We'll be around with more details soon!

Ludic Chaseの前に、です。これも公開近づいています!)
このアニメーションは、7/31にアルバムをHellfyre Club Recordsより発売するLA拠点のSelf JupiterKenny Segalが作った新しいヒップホップのユニット、The Kleenrzのミュージックビデオになります。
同アルバムから、Kool KeithやMadvillian、Cut Chemistのビデオを制作した映像ディレクターJames Reitanoによるアニメーションビデオがすでに公開されています。彼はアルバムのアートワークも担当しています。
さあさあ。詳細そして映像はまた近日中に! 公開されたらすぐにここでも紹介しますね。

Fest Anca 2012!


Festival news! Halfway, the animation we made with Rayons and released earlier this year will be screening at Fest Anča International Animation Festival in Slovakia!
The festival runs from 6/28 - 7/1, we are in the Music Video Award competition and will screen on 6/30 at 4:00 PM in the International Competition of Music Videos 2 program.

6/28-7/1にスロバキアのブラチスラヴァで開催されるFEST ANČA国際アニメーション映画祭にてRayonsのビデオ「Halfway」が上映されます。

Ritual Exchange Reflections


Ritual Exchange! We went in wondering what kind of chaotic mess we had made for ourselves and came out just as surprised as everyone else.

It was amazing!

All four musical acts were incredible and offered different styles, keeping the evening fresh and interesting from set to set.

Ohshu with Cero and Daisuke Tanabe each approached our animations in their own way and presented new perspectives and emotional responses to our work that we had never seen before.

And we managed to not fall apart and come up with something worth looking at, both with our very simple magi puppetry and also with the live drawing for SOUR and How Many Daughters?, culminating in a single, two layer illustration. The wall projections of these analog offerings would not have been nearly as watchable as they were without the help of VJ Mitchel, who really kept the show running the entire evening.

DJs Kai Kunimoto and Michael J Foks kept the mood between sets and Rika Yoda, Sanae and our buddy Jordan Kim sold cds, tshirts, pins, postcards and pendants at the merchandise table. It was an amazing joint effort keeping the evening as exciting as it was and we are incredibly grateful!

We are expecting photos and possibly some video of the evening shortly so we will post those as they become available! The live scoring of our animations was truly a revelation and we wish to do more! Once Ludic Chase is available on the internet we will be certain to share the version Daisuke Tanabe performed as well.

Reflections for Wayfinding and Projecting Together are coming soon! Things have been a bit hectic but we thought we would put this up first and then work backwards. We still have a screening on Sunday 5/13 and are also working on a new animated music video that should release in June I think, so things are just beginning to heat up! Just in time for Summer, maybe?

8日の夜、六本木スーパーデラックスでのRitual Exchangeは無事終了いたしました!


王舟さん&荒内佑(cero)さん達は「Bryum & Kapok3部作」に、そしてDaisuke Tanabeさんは「Ludic Chase」 に即興で音楽をつけてくれました。
SOURさんと How Many Daughters?さん達の演奏のときは、ライブドローイングをそれぞれおこなって、2組の演奏が終わった時にひとつの作品ができるようなものを制作しました。SOURさんの時は、クレヨンをレイヤー上に重ねたものを竹のペンでスクラッチ、How Many Daughters?さん達の時は、その上にグラスを重ねて下の絵が見える形でグラスの上にもう一つの絵を描くという事をやりました。


DJs Kai Kunimoto さんと マジナイの主催者でもあるDJ Michael J Foksは、会場の空気をワクワクさせてくれてましたし、物販ブースでのヨダちゃん、さなちゃん、そして写真&ビデオ撮影とブースのサポートもしてくれたJordan Kim、みんな本当に長時間がんばってくれてほんとうにどうもありがとう!

当日の会場の様子をうつした写真やビデオはたくさんあるのでまた後日あらためて紹介したいと思います。Wayfinding と Projecting Together の感想も近日中にアップします!


Ritual Exchange

Our third MAGI NIGH event, Ritual Exchange, on 5/8 at SuperDeluxe in Tokyo, is shaping up to be something very special.  Four musical acts playing back and forth with us to create a unified visual-aural experience .  For two of the acts, in addition to their own sets, the musicians will play improvised scores to our animation, revealing new story angles and emotions in our past work.  For the other two musical acts then, we will turn around and offer a live visual response, drawing while the music plays and projecting the image on the venue wall.
When all is said and done, a complete vision will be presented and a simple story will have been told.
The musical lineup is amazing:


(Sohey, Hoshijima, Ken Takahashi)

Daisuke Tanabe

How Many Daughters?
(U-zhaan, Miu Sakamoto, Hirotaka "Shimmy" Shimizu)

Hope to see you there!!!
MAGI NIGH Tumblr, Twitter

3番目のMAGI NIGHイベントです!
5/8(火)六本木のSuperDeluxeにて、イメージと音楽の交易イベントRitual Exchangeが開催されます。



Daisuke Tanabeさん

How Many Daughters?
(U-zhaanさん, 坂本美雨さん, 清水ひろたかさん)



MAGI NIGH TumblrTwitter

Projecting Together

Here's a non-MAGI NIGH bit of news:

On 4/27 we'll be screening at the independent theatre, Liberté, in Hita, Japan!  We performed there in 2010 with the Oneiric Caravan and when Hara-san, the owner, learned of our current trip to Japan, he invited us back!
Like last time we will be doing a mask making workshop, but instead of the Storytellers performance and live drawing we will screen our recent work and do a bit of Q & A on each piece.
In addition to this we will be bringing along one other video artist, an incredibly talented and interesting individual, Jordan Kim!
For those who are not familiar with his work, here is a brief bio:

Jordan Kim is a Los Angeles-based writer, director, animator, and artist who has worked on such shows as the Nickelodeon children's program "Yo Gabba Gabba!" and Tim and Eric's "Tom Goes to the Mayor" on Adult Swim/Cartoon Network. In addition, he's directed animated and live-action music videos for artists such as Daedelus, Sam Prekop, Star Slinger, and Toro y Moi. His work has been featured on Pitchfork, Wired, Dazed and Confused, Nylon, MuchMusic, Stereogum, Gorilla vs Bear, among others.

So he is quite accomplished!  He will be screening his work and talking about it as well!  It should be quite an evening!

MAGI NIGHイベントのお知らせが続いてますが、他にもやりますよー。
まずは4/27に日田の映画館リベルテで、マスク作り&上映会&トークのイベント“Projection Together”を行ないます!
2010年の夏に、flauさんの企画“Oneiric Caravanツアー”で訪れてパフォーマンスしたのが始まりで、またこうして縁あって日田を訪れる事ができて、とてもうれしいです!


上映会…[時間]18:00開場 18:30開演[料金]前売1500円 当日2000円(1ドリンクオーダー)


今回の上映では、私達の友人のJordan Kim(も参加します!
彼は現在ロス在住の映像作家で、ミュージックビデオや私達も参加した米ニコロデオンの子供番組Yo Gabba Gabba!の制作スタッフでもあるとても才能のある人です。映像作ってる人もぜひ参加して、彼にいろいろ聞いてみたらいいのでは…と思います。

Digital Memories: Storytellers 2010

Photo by Ryo Mitamura
Less than 12 hours before we leave for Japan!  Things are typically chaotic as we pack and prepare for the events that we have planned - and we can't help but be reminded of all the great opportunities we had last trip (thanks to flau!).  A while ago we posted some clips from our Foundland event at VACANT and this time we thought we'd share some of our Storytellers performance with Takeo Toyama at Kichimu.
Even if you can't understand Japanese, I think there is still plenty to appreciate in the story reading and musical accompaniment, as well as the segments from Toyama's own performance and the pre-event mask making!





(videos by Ryo Mitamura)

Halfway Animation


Our new animation, Halfway, is finished and out in the world!  The story was inspired by many of the events of the past year, both across the globe and our own personal experiences.  Dealing with immediate circumstances and connecting with the past while realizing one's potential. 
As always we are very grateful to be able to create our own artwork, tell our own stories while working with amazing musicians and being encouraged and supported throughout the process!  Thank you Yasukawa-san, Rayons, Predawn and everyone else!

In other news, Ludic Chase is also complete!!!  And will hopefully premiere somewhere soon so we can share it here as well!

1/18に発売の1stアルバム「After the noise is gone」で手がけたデザインと同じ世界観で制作したので、CD/映像共に相乗的に楽しめるものになっていたらいいなと思います。

そうだ、実はLudic Chaseも完成しているんです!これらの事についてもまた近いうちにお知らせできればと思います。


Rayons "Halfway" Trailer

As the debut album for Rayons, After the Noise is Gone, comes out on Wednesday (1/18), and the animated video for one of the tracks is a little ways off, we were asked to put together a brief trailer to advertise the release and tease the upcoming full animation.

CDジャケットデザインを担当しました音楽家Rayons(レイヨン)さんの1stアルバム「After the noise is gone」が1/18に発売になることにあわせて短いトレイラー映像が公開されています。

The animation will be using the track, Halfway, from the album, featuring the vocals of Predawn.  As with the work we did with Kira Kira's last album, Our Map to the Monster Olympics, where the album artwork and later animated video were tightly linked, so too with Rayons' album and video.
We will be sharing more images from the album in the next few days and when the animation is finally released, the connections will be very clear.  We are very excited for both pieces of the project to come out, and very grateful to be a part of this with the wonderful music of Rayons!

Imagery from the album artwork has also been nicely used for Rayons' current website.  The menu icons are especially great.


CDの中身と映像がリンクする造りはKiraKiraの Our Map to the Monster Olympics以来ですね。



dublab Film Flash

Mushroom Hunting dublab Film Flash

Here's a very short animation we created recently for dublab!  It is part of their Film Flash, a series of promos created by a number of artists for their 12th anniversary.  The short promos will be officially premiered this weeked (10/15) at their 12th anniversary celebration.
The films are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License which means folks can remix and share them to their liking (with credit).

Our film is extremely simple and short and took us about 10 days to create (background elements we luckily already had).  It is about four friends out wild mushroom hunting.  They are very special little guys to us.  We first conceived of them for Ludic Chase, so please keep them in mind when it is finally released!

(Aside from the field recording we did, the music is by Andrew Pekler taken from his track "Exotic 1" on the Creative Commons licensed dublab sample compilation "Bonus Beat Blast".)

  Ludic Chase製作中にもうひとつ作っていた短いビデオ"Mushroom Hunting dublab Film Flash"が公開されて見れるようになっているので紹介します。

これはLAのネットラジオ局dublabの12周年記念のために作ったプロモビデオで、明日10月15日にLAで開催される 12周年記念イベントの中のFilm Flashというプログラムで公式にプレミア上映される予定のものです。
Film Flashには、他にも Spencer Ockwellなどdublabにゆかりのあるアーティストが参加しています。
このビデオは クリエイティブ・コモンズ・ライセンス 3.0の下で公開&配布されています。(Attribution-Noncommercial(帰属ー非営利) 

この4人はそれぞれにモデルがいて、今製作中のビデオ Ludic Chaseにもほんの少しだけ出演する予定です。同じ森の違う場所、違う時間のもうひとつの出来事です。

Bryum & Kapok on Indieflix

Bryum & Kapok is now being distributed by indieflix!  You can buy a DVD from them or super HD stream from them for 30 days!
Take a look here.
We're still working out some things, like our bio, but Bless is also on the way.

本日4/19から、米シアトルを拠点にインディペンデント映画を専門に配給/販売するIndieflixにて「Bryum & Kapok」が配信/販売される事になりましたー!
プロフィールなどまだ更新中です しばしお待ちを…



BLESS at Stuttgart

International Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart!  2011!  We were invited to screen Bless at this year's festival!  Which is very lucky considering we completely forgot to submit.
Bless will be screening as part of the Animated Music Videos section on May 5th at Metropol 1.  We will be alongside a great selection of amazing music videos (recent Blockhead video, Gorillaz video, etc.)!  This really is a great honor.



この映画祭のアートディレクターUli Wegenastによって選ばれた、”昨年のベスト&最もオリジナルなアニメイテッドミュージックビデオ”の21の作品の中には、アニメーションが話題になった最新のBlockheadのビデオや、Gorillazのビデオなどなど…。その中にBLESSも仲間入りさせてもらっています。


There is a book coming out April 25th in Japan called, JAPANESE MOTION GRAPHIC CREATORS 2011.  It lists the top 100 video artists in Japan with information and some stills from each artist's body of work.
Overture was selected as one of these top 100!
I'm not completely sure what the qualifying merits of the 100 are, but it is put together by a company called BNN, a publishing company in Japan and it looks like they have put this book together for a number of years.  They publish, for example, the magazine Quotation that had a write up about us last year.
Needless to say, we are extremely honored!
We will write more on this when our copy arrives!

4月25日発売の「映像作家 100人 2011」(BNN新社)に、Overtureが掲載されます。




Citrus Cel Animation Film Festival

Bless Still


Here's another festival: we were invited to screen BLESS at this year's Citrus Cel Animation Film Festival in Jacksonville, Florida!  The festival runs from April 8-10 and BLESS is part of the Music Videos section screening on the 9th from 6:00.

4/8〜10の間、フロリダのJacksonvilleで開催される映画祭 Citrus Cel Animation Film Festivalにて「BLESS」が上映される事になりました。


(日本語は いつも通り下にありますよ)
Some Overture animation will be screening this Sunday (2/20/11) at the Silent Movie Theatre (the Cinefamily) as part of dublab's ninth Labrat Matinee!  Our Minds Align!
Lots of amazing videos by a wide range of talented artists will be screened and we are very grateful to be a part of this event.  Details below!  Come if you can!

LAの先進的ネットラジオ局、 dublab(ダブラブ)が2/20に主催する映像イベント、Labrat Matinee #9でOvertureが参加します!
dublabは、日本でもただ素敵な選曲をするラジオ局としてだけではなく、Into infinityというユニークなプロジェクトなどでも知られてる非営利のラジオ局で、私達も普段作業中などによく聴いてます。
そして会場はLAのSilent Movie Theatre (the Cinefamily) !ここは、いつか行ってみたい映画館で、先日はヤン・シュワンクマイエルの最新作”Surviving Life”をプレミアしたり、ほんとにい〜い映画ばっかり流すのです!LAに住んでたら絶対通う!

SUNDAY, February 20th
dublab presents…A LABRAT MATINEE 9 : our minds align
Open your pupils wide and join us for rarely seen music videos, new dublab VisionVersion films, comedy clips, out-there animation and other eye-melting magic. After the films stick around for a musical mind alignment party featuring a live performance from one of dublab’s favorite bands plus Labrat djs playing soundtrack selections on the Spanish Patio. Don’t miss these visions burning bright!!!

Alex Pelly
Alex Takacs
Benjamin Kutsko
Dugan O’Neal
Flying Lotus
Good Neighbors
Huckleberry Lain
Isaiah Seret
Joe Nankin
Joshua Cohen
Judah Switzer
Julian House
Martin Reige
Matt Amato
Matthew Robinson
Nicolás Méndez
Nika Machaidze
Ola Vasiljeva
Petro Papahadjopoulos
Spike and Jones
The Books
The Qualities of Light
+ More

60 Watt Kid
Active Child
Broadcast & the Focus Group
El Guincho
Flying Lotus
Hanni El Khatib
L.A. Ladies Choir
Natalie Beridze
Nite Jewel
Raphael Saadiq
Scissor Sisters
The Books
+ More
Surprise Guest Performer immediately following the films!

All Ages / 7:30pm
Arrive early to see an exclusive intro film by Dugan O’Neal!!!
$12 general or FREE FOR CINEFAMILY MEMBERS. Click HERE to buy advance tickets.
the Cinefamily
611 N Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, 90036