Rayons "Halfway" Trailer

As the debut album for Rayons, After the Noise is Gone, comes out on Wednesday (1/18), and the animated video for one of the tracks is a little ways off, we were asked to put together a brief trailer to advertise the release and tease the upcoming full animation.

CDジャケットデザインを担当しました音楽家Rayons(レイヨン)さんの1stアルバム「After the noise is gone」が1/18に発売になることにあわせて短いトレイラー映像が公開されています。

The animation will be using the track, Halfway, from the album, featuring the vocals of Predawn.  As with the work we did with Kira Kira's last album, Our Map to the Monster Olympics, where the album artwork and later animated video were tightly linked, so too with Rayons' album and video.
We will be sharing more images from the album in the next few days and when the animation is finally released, the connections will be very clear.  We are very excited for both pieces of the project to come out, and very grateful to be a part of this with the wonderful music of Rayons!

Imagery from the album artwork has also been nicely used for Rayons' current website.  The menu icons are especially great.


CDの中身と映像がリンクする造りはKiraKiraの Our Map to the Monster Olympics以来ですね。