from Animation "Halfway"

For the third time we will be in the DOTMOV Festival, run by Sapporo online magazine, SHIFT! The first was in 2008, the second in 2010 and now 2012 with two animations selected, Halfway and Ludic Chase! We are very grateful!
Ludic Chase isn't available online in its entirety yet, but we did put together a trailer and you can watch it below.

There are 13 films in the festival and the screenings will start from November and play not just in Japan but in the US, UK, Sweden and other countries.

今年選ばれたのは「Ludic Chase」「Halfway」です!
Ludic Chaseは短いトレイラーをオンラインで見れるようにしました。全編ではないですが、これで雰囲気を掴んでもらえたら…。