Ritual Exchange Reflections


Ritual Exchange! We went in wondering what kind of chaotic mess we had made for ourselves and came out just as surprised as everyone else.

It was amazing!

All four musical acts were incredible and offered different styles, keeping the evening fresh and interesting from set to set.

Ohshu with Cero and Daisuke Tanabe each approached our animations in their own way and presented new perspectives and emotional responses to our work that we had never seen before.

And we managed to not fall apart and come up with something worth looking at, both with our very simple magi puppetry and also with the live drawing for SOUR and How Many Daughters?, culminating in a single, two layer illustration. The wall projections of these analog offerings would not have been nearly as watchable as they were without the help of VJ Mitchel, who really kept the show running the entire evening.

DJs Kai Kunimoto and Michael J Foks kept the mood between sets and Rika Yoda, Sanae and our buddy Jordan Kim sold cds, tshirts, pins, postcards and pendants at the merchandise table. It was an amazing joint effort keeping the evening as exciting as it was and we are incredibly grateful!

We are expecting photos and possibly some video of the evening shortly so we will post those as they become available! The live scoring of our animations was truly a revelation and we wish to do more! Once Ludic Chase is available on the internet we will be certain to share the version Daisuke Tanabe performed as well.

Reflections for Wayfinding and Projecting Together are coming soon! Things have been a bit hectic but we thought we would put this up first and then work backwards. We still have a screening on Sunday 5/13 and are also working on a new animated music video that should release in June I think, so things are just beginning to heat up! Just in time for Summer, maybe?

8日の夜、六本木スーパーデラックスでのRitual Exchangeは無事終了いたしました!


王舟さん&荒内佑(cero)さん達は「Bryum & Kapok3部作」に、そしてDaisuke Tanabeさんは「Ludic Chase」 に即興で音楽をつけてくれました。
SOURさんと How Many Daughters?さん達の演奏のときは、ライブドローイングをそれぞれおこなって、2組の演奏が終わった時にひとつの作品ができるようなものを制作しました。SOURさんの時は、クレヨンをレイヤー上に重ねたものを竹のペンでスクラッチ、How Many Daughters?さん達の時は、その上にグラスを重ねて下の絵が見える形でグラスの上にもう一つの絵を描くという事をやりました。


DJs Kai Kunimoto さんと マジナイの主催者でもあるDJ Michael J Foksは、会場の空気をワクワクさせてくれてましたし、物販ブースでのヨダちゃん、さなちゃん、そして写真&ビデオ撮影とブースのサポートもしてくれたJordan Kim、みんな本当に長時間がんばってくれてほんとうにどうもありがとう!

当日の会場の様子をうつした写真やビデオはたくさんあるのでまた後日あらためて紹介したいと思います。Wayfinding と Projecting Together の感想も近日中にアップします!