Projecting Together Hita Reflections

Finally getting around to this one! Saving the best for last, maybe? In any case, we thought it high time to talk about our event at Liberté in Hita, Japan last April (4/27), Projecting Together!

The event was split into two parts, a workshop in the afternoon and a screening & talk in the evening, featuring both the work of Overture and Jordan Kim who, as we mentioned before, traveled with us during the majority of our trip.
As with some of the other events we did, Projecting Together also ended up being very much about the children in attendance, in particular, their responses to the animation and videos we screened.

The workshop, a simple mask-making project we did at the MAGI NIGH event, Lodge and also numerous times during our 2010 Oneiric Caravan tour through the music label flau, was a great success. In the evening, after the screening finished, everyone still wanted to make masks. So we did.
I think we may have even bested the designs from our 2010 visit!

The screening was great as well. It was a lucky opportunity to see our work and Jordan's up on a large screen in such a beautiful little theater. When we visited in 2010 the theater had recently started and it was just finding its feet. Now it has made a real place for itself in the community, as well as starting to get some recognition in Kyushuu and throughout Japan. As a result there were quite a few more people in attendance than our first visit, especially children! Vocal children!
Everyone was amazingly attentive and quiet during the screenings, but as soon the Q & A began, children were grabbing at the mic asking questions, making comments and offering creative advice. Some kids would just start telling us the daydreams that came into their heads while they watched the videos.
It was really some of the best feedback we've ever received.

Liberté's great! We can't wait to do something there again! Thank you Hara-san, as always!

4/27に日田リベルテで開催されたワークショップ&上映会の夕べ、”Projecting Together”の事について書いてみようと思います。

2010年にOneiric Caravansheeprintと共に初めて訪れた日田の映画館リベルテ
2012年は、ロスから日本に遊びに来ていた友人の映像作家Jordan Kimと一緒に訪れて、ワークショップ、上映&トーク共にも彼に参加してもらいました。