Pictoplasma Character Compendium!

The second character encyclopedia from Pictoplasma, The Character Compendium, is out now (since 5/4) and some of our work is included! We are still waiting on a copy so our photos and impressions will come at a later date, but we did want to mention the book's existence. If it is anything like the first encyclopedia though, it is sure to be amazing.
The work of ours that is in the book is from the Moon Hare series (some of which was recently in Pictoplasma's La Gâité Lyrique show, Post Digital Monsters last winter) and the Dreamers series.

More on this soon, but if you are fan of characters and creatures this is certainly something to take a look at!

ベルリンが拠点のキャラクターデザインプロジェクト、ピクトプラズマが5/4に出版したキャラクター辞典の第2弾、Pictoplasma - The Character Compendiumに作品が収録されています。
(第1弾:The Character Encyclopaedia

今までに、BLESSBryum and Kapokの上映、パリ&ベルリンでのポスト・デジタル・モンスターズでの作品展示などありましたが今回は本への作品掲載です。

Pictoplasma Paris
NYC Tabi(PictoplasmaのNYCカンファレンスを訪れた時のものです)