Fruiting Bodies Reflections

Fruiting Bodies was amazing! The DJs were incredible and the turnout was fantastic. There were all sorts of interesting and strange people in attendance and everyone responded beautifully to each facet of the night. When we screened our work with Jordan, stopping the music halfway through the event, everyone went quiet and watched intently. It was something to see.

Much thanks to DJ Hara, Shhhhh, Mike D., Kabeyak, our Magi Union member, Michael J Foks, and traveling companion, Jordan Kim! It was a great pleasure and honor to do an event with these fine DJs.

And of course much much thanks to Saito-san who put this all together. In a very short amount of time he organized all of this, setting up the DJs and working out the logistics of the event in general. With this event he also launched, the Japanese end of dublab! We look forward to seeing how grows and being a part of its development!

Now we are off to the Wayfinding workshops this weekend and preparing for Ritual Exchange on Tuesday.
Thank you again and again to everyone!

5/3に新宮前bonoboで開催された"Fruiting Bodies"、無事終了しました!

会場では私たちオーバーチュア、そして日本旅を共にしているJordan Kimの映像が1階壁面と2階の和室の即席スクリーンに流れました。


DJの原さん、  Shhhhhさん、Mike Dさん、 Kabeyahさん、 そしてマジナイの企画者でもあるMichael.J.Foks!素敵な音楽をどうもありがとう。JordanのDJも良かった。


そして今週末はWayfindingワークショップ、その後は火曜日のRitual Exchangeの最後の準備です。どちらかの会場で会いましょう。楽しみにしています!