We've mentioned it briefly, but the MAGI NIGH tumblr is now officially up and running!  Managed by the Magi Union (essentially us and an amazing couple who we will introduce in another post!), it is the place to go for all things MAGI NIGH.
Most of the site is only in Japanese at the moment, but there is a growing, lovely collection of images to browse, and all the basic event info (date, location) should be easily understandable.  I am trying to catch up and make all the posts available in English as well!  So keep checking back!

Here's the basic MAGI NIGH event lineup again (it is also listed on the left on the Tumblr page):

4/17 MAGI NIGH Lodge at Minami no Kaze in Yufuin
5/5 & 5/6 Wayfinding at Jiyugakuen Myonichikan in Toshima-ku, Tokyo
5/8 Ritual Exchange at Super Deluxe in Roppongi

We'll be writing on each of these events, starting tomorrow!  Any questions about attending these events can be asked to us directly or to the Magi Union (

And there is also a Twitter page that has just been set up, if that is how you prefer to receive your news!

Magi Unionが制作した、MAGI NIGH(マジナイ)イベントのTumblrページ、オープンしましたー!


一つ前のポストで紹介したように、今回MAGI NIGHイベントとして開催されるのは

4/17(火) MAGI NIGH Lodge/由布院・南の風山荘
5/5(土)& 6(日) Wayfinding/豊島区・自由学園明日館
5/8(火)  Ritual Exchange/六本木スーパーデラックス

ひとつひとつのイベントに、そしてMagi Union(マジャイ・ユニオン)のメンバーについても、また後日改めて紹介していこうと思います。