Next Tuesday (4/17) we will kick off the MAGI NIGH series with a small gathering in the mountains of Yufuin.
Held at the Minami-no-Kaze (Wind of the South) lodge, it will be a casual event to connect with each other and to prepare ourselves for future happenings.
There will be mask making and bbqing with local meats and produce and we will also be screening our work in a room with ashiyuu (hotspring foot soaking) for extreme relaxed absorption of Overture animation.
There will also be Vision Rounds, small drawing/collage sessions passed among guests to create pieces that belong to not any one creator but only to the moment and the Lodge itself.
It will be a very interesting evening and one that will open the door to future collaborations.

Starts from 3PM, if you need additional information please send us a mail or write to:
MAGI NIGH Tumblr, Twitter

次の火曜日(4/17)、MAGI NIGHシリーズのキックオフとして、由布院で小さなパーティーを開催します。クレンジング&コネクション!


それに合わせて今回はVision Roundsという小さなドローイングの実験もしてみたいと考えています。私達がOVTRを始めた頃に良ーくやってた遊びに似ているものです。

もし質問のある方は、 にお問い合わせください。
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