Delicious Rayons Packaging

Here's a few photos of the physical cd packaging for Rayons' album, "After the Noise is Gone".
Based on the sounds and themes in Rayons' playing as well as the influences and talks we had during our travels through the final chapters of 2011 we developed a story for an animation and used the imagery and characters for the album artwork.  We will spill more when the animation is released - very shortly!
Catch some glimpses of the inside of the cd package, as well as some nice extras pre-order folks picked up.  There's also a little liner note booklet included with some additional illustrations... but we'll leave that surprise for people who pick up the cd for now.

朝から粉雪の降り続けている土曜日、いつものようにミーティングのために近所のカフェに行ってきた帰りに、RayonsのCD「After the Noise is Gone」が日本から届いていました!



Rayons "After the Noise is Gone"

Rayons "After the Noise is Gone"