Hairy Scissors in Kasino Creative Annual
This is the spread of the hairy scissors we illustrated for KASINO's new publication KASINO CREATIVE ANNUAL, released on May 1st. As always, the book is beautiful, lovely stories, photos, illustrations and all tied up together in surprising and satisfying ways.
The theme of this Annual is hair and is overflowing with rich locks and itchy little strays, right down to the credits as we are mentioned as follows:
"OVERTURE is a New England based illustrator team of which JASON BROWN has black beard and AYA BROWN has raven-black hair."

Kasino Creative Annual
昨年10月に終了したヘルシンキのKASINO A4が、毎回1つの事にテーマを絞る"本でも雑誌でもない(編集部談)" KASINO creative annualとして新たに生まれ変わりました。
5/1に発売されたばかりの第1号、髪にがテーマの”about HAIR” に「毛むくじゃらのハサミ」のイラストレーションで参加してます。
”Overtureはニューイングランドを拠点とした、黒い髭のJason Brownと烏の黒髪を持つAya Brownで構成されるイラストレーターチーム”

Hairy Scissors