Approaching Waves

It's going to be a pretty crazy summer. We'll be in Japan for most of it, but lot's of stuff will be happening here in the states as well.
For one thing, we're taking part in an upcoming online magazine called Perfect Wave. They have some teaser photos of contributors up on a Perfect Wave diary, but it's going to be a pretty great project. We'll have some new work up there!
It's coming out in June and we'll be bringing it up again soon, so stay tuned!

そのうちの1つ、Overtureが参加する「Perfect Wave」というオンラインマガジンプロジェクト。
ただいま、Perfect Wave diary(英語)ブログにて他の参加者の皆さんの写真がアップされはじめています。今わかってるだけでも、なんだかすごい事になりそうなメンバーです!楽しみ!