Alfa Romeo/ アルファロメオ


After being nominated for the Swatch Young Illustrators Award 2009 at the Illustrative festival in Berlin last year, we were asked by the folks at Illustrative to participate in the 100 year anniversary of automaker, Alfa Romeo, occurring in the spring of this year.
Working with archived racing photos and various automobile and logo designs from the company, we created an illustration which is now up on the Alfa Romeo Art site available as a print of various sizes and qualities.
Details on a future exhibition with the pieces coming soon!

昨年ベルリンで開催された IllustrativeSwatch Young Illustrators Award 2009 のアニメーション部門に「Bryum&Kapok」 がノミネートされたご縁でお声がかかり、イタリアの車のブランドアルファロメオの創立100周年記念のイベントに参加する事になりました。