Goods! Stuff! Today the R.I.P. tees we designed for KASINO landed on our doorstep! They are great! And still available on the KASINO site! Here's a better view of the original drawing. Stay tuned for more great stuff from these guys!

今日、とってもいい天気(晴天22℃)の中で家に帰ってきたらドアの所にフィンランドからの小包!中を見るとKASINOのためにデザインしたR.I.P. Tシャツでした!それも2枚!今まで見た事がないほど細かいプリントで、美しい仕上がりです。

R.I.P. Original
Also, next to the tee is a KiraKira bag! It was made by KiraKira! And it also arrived recently with some KiraKira tshirts and cds! We're looking to sell these bags and shirts - hopefully when we have another Storytellers event of some kind or if you are interested just send us an email!
The image on the bag is the Bless section of the map/liner notes we created for KiraKira's Our Map to the Monster Olympics!

白地のトートに、彼女のアルバム、Our Map to the Monster Olympicsに入っているライナーの「BLESS 」の部分の絵がプリントされています。