July 4th, 2009

Strawberry jam and a picnic with the family for this 4th of July. I trimmed some hedges at my parents' house while Aya, sister Sara and my Mom made jam from the strawberries they picked on Friday. Brother Frank arrived and we packed the thirty-year-old picnic basket I had pulled down from the garage attic and headed out on foot to Cabot Camp, a small plot not a mile from my parents' house where the Millers River enters into the Connecticut. It's owned by Northeast Utilities or Western Mass. Electric or whoever now. It sits just below the French King Bridge and people usually only go there to fish. It is a beautiful and magical place and I have been going there for as long as I can remember.
This morning I got to try out the jam while I drank my coffee from my Harold-weekend-coffee mug and it is excellent. Taste with your eyes or come to our apartment and spread it all over the edible object of your choosing.
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金曜日にjasonのお母さんと姉Saraが摘んできた山盛りの苺を洗って、マッシャーで軽く潰して、砂糖と一緒に煮込みながらペクチンも混ぜ、泡状になった上の方をすくいとってジャムが出来上がり。 甘酸っぱい香りに包まれながら、これをガラスのジャム瓶に分け入れて、上に溶かしたパラフィン(ロウ)を流して密封をして完成です。


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