Yo Gabba Gabba! Exhibition at Pink Hobo

This Saturday, July 11th, at Pink Hobo Gallery in Minnneapolis, is the opening for "The Art of Yo Gabba Gabba!" an exhibition of concept designs, stills and other related artwork for the television show. There will also be artwork by artists who have contributed to the show - which means some of our work will be there as well!
The opening starts at 5pm and the exhibition is currently running until August 1st.
We are hoping to have some goods available for the opening, so if you are in the area on Saturday evening, stop by!

今週の土曜日、7/11にオープニングを迎える企画展"The Art of Yo Gabba Gabba!"にいくつかの作品が展示されます。

この展示は、米ニコロデオンの子供番組「Yo Gabba Gabba!」のスティールやコンセプトデザイン、番組にまつわる数々のアートワークなどを紹介する予定だそうで、番組内のアニメーション"Animal Sounds"を制作した私達にも声がかかって参加する事になりました。
場所はミネソタ州・ミネアポリスのPink Hobo Art Gallery