Animated Dreams in Estonia

BLESS is screening in another festival!  In Estonia!  And we're going!  
Specifically, BLESS is screening as part of the Japanese Indie Animation category in the Animated Dreams festival (11/16-11/20), the animation end of the Black Nights Film Festival (11/16-11/30) held in Tallinn.
Even more specifically, the Japanese Indie Animation category is split into two groups and BLESS is in the Fantasy and Fanfares half.  It will be screening on the 20th from 5PM.

We will be screening alongside some really amazing Japanese Indie Animators, most famous, perhaps, from the CALF label (Atsushi Wada, Mirai Mizue) and Academy Award-nominated Koji Yamamura.  It is a great honor to be invited to screen among these folks!  We will try and make friends with everyone.
Plus, we are going!  So if you live in Tallin or are visiting let's say hello!  Or if you are not around but have some recommended spots, that would also be great!  We are there all next week!

エストニアの首都、タリンで開催されるBlack Nights Film Festival(11/16-11/30) 内のアニメーション映画祭Animated Dreams  (11/16-11/20),で「BLESS」が上映される事になりました!そして今回は私達も会場に向かいます。

今回、日本作家の特集プログラムJapanese Indie Animationでは、作品達をイン/陰と陽/ヤンの二つに大きく分け、そのヤンの方のグループ、題して "Fantasy and Fanfares" (11月20日)の中で、CALFの皆さんや山村浩二さんの作品に仲間入りして上映されます。
会期中には「緑子」や「A Cat in Paris」や山村浩二さんの最新作「マイブリッジの糸」など、そしてもちろんエストニアの作家達の新作映像、他にもたくさんの作品達が上映されます。

L.A. Tabi 10/12〜10/19


Mega entry!!!
We don't usually post such lengthy entries, especially when it has nothing to do with what we are working on - but our trip to LA last week was such a good time and we got to meet with so many great people we thought we'd lay it all out here anyway.


Downey Studios

Our first stop, not an hour after landing among the succulents and sunshine, was the Yo Gabba Gabba set and offices.  We did a short animation, Animal Sounds, for them a few years ago and managed to keep in touch enough for a tour of where the magic is made.  Our friend (and talented director), Jordan Kim walked us around and wowed us with the various departments.

到着してすぐに向かったのが以前アニメーション「Animal Sounds」で参加した、米子供番組「Yo Gabba Gabba!」の撮影現場です。
ダウニースタジオズという大きなスタジオがいくつも建ち並ぶ内のひとつで、ちょうどシーズン4(?)の撮影最終日のランチタイムにお邪魔してケータリングの食事をいただいたり、ここで働いている、友人&才能あるディレクターのJordan Kimの案内でスタジオ内を見学させてもらったりして貴重な時間を過ごしました。


We are always on the lookout for sweet cafes and bookstores and Stories, in Echo Park, is both, with a small but choice selection of used books, nice coffee (free-refills) and giant fig newtons.
LAのブルックリン的な地区、Echo ParkにあるStories Books and Cafe


Time Travel Mart

Next door is The Echo Park Time Travel Mart the front store supporting 826LA, a non-profit tutoring kids in writing and other activities.  All the proceeds from the store, which stocks all sorts of time travel related goods, from dinosaur eggs to anti-robot fluid, go to the tutoring program.

カフェの隣にあるお店、これが面白いお店でした。Echo Park Time Travel Martという名前で、地域に暮らす6~18歳の子供達に文章の書き方のワークショップをしたり宿題を手伝ったりして放課後の勉強&クリエイトの場を提供するNPO、826LAのサポートをするお店です。

Time Travel Mart

(Time Travel Mart display of a robot encountering a caveman, of course.)

このお店のテーマは”タイムトラベル”。 原始人とロボットが出会う瞬間が、歩道向けのディスプレイです。店内もタイムトラベルにまつわるとんちの効いた品でいっぱいです。

Poetry, etc. collection by kids

(The shop also has collections of poems and other writings by the kids in the program available.)



We didn't get to many museums during this trip unfortunately, but we did manage to fit in LACMA, specifically checking out the Japanese Pavilion and Islamic and Asian sections.  There is too much to cover in a day, let alone a single evening, so we absorbed and were awed by what we had time for, then moved on (to dinner).



(walkway to the Japanese Pavilion)




(Doguu statue, incredibly old, I never really expected to see one in person, so it was a wonderful surprise!)



(The museum also has an amazing collection of 800 plus Netsuke, which they rotate month-to-month.  The detail on these tiny, keychain-like carvings is beyond skilled.  Each little creature or character is one breath from being alive.)


Farmers Market Hollywood

Of course there are many farmers markets in LA, we only went to one, but it was enormous and filled with the variety that only access to different environments can provide.  I think?  Maybe I'm just not familiar with these larger famers market.  Anyway, it was great.


Farmers Market Hollywood

dublab 12th anniversary

On the 15th we attended the dublab 12-year anniversary event at Atwater Crossing.   It was a very big event with live acts, screenings and djs.  There were also food trucks, a screen printing space, popcorn, a bar, and a photographer doing portraits or something.  It was a busy place!
Among the events was a short screening of the Film Flash videos, with our Mushroom Hunting animation included.


dublab 12th anniversary

(A large part of the space is outdoors)

会場はatwater crossingとても広くてきれいなところでした。会場は大きく3つに分かれて、外に屋台村、自転車専用のValet(ホテルのように専門のスタッフが自転車を預かって駐輪場に)サービスもありました。

dublab shirt printing by Hit+Run

(Silk screening space, by HIT + RUN.  You could bring your own tshirt or buy one there and then select up to three designs to print)


Film Flash screening

(The Film Flash screening)

ここで私たちのビデオ”Mushroom Hunting”アニメーションが上映されました。

Poketo Studio!

Years after working with Poketo, we finally got a chance to meet Ted and Angie and visit their studio!  They were great and we talked for some length about camping and hot springs over Japanese curry.


Angie & Ted of Poketo!

(Angie, Ted and curry)


Nickelodeon Animation Studio

We had the opportunity to visit the Nickelodeon Animation Studio en route to lunch with Kevin Sukho Lee.  They were setting up for Halloween and every hallway looked like it was under construction with black tarp and plastic sheeting strung up everywhere and pvc piping poking out between the seams.

Nickelodeonのアニメーションスタジオを訪ねて、アニメーションデパートメントのディレクターKevin Sukho Leeと一緒にランチを食べながらいろいろ話しました。彼とはYo Gabba Gabba!からのご縁で、POKETOの二人と同じく、本物にやっと会えたな〜という感じでした。

Nickelodeon Animation Studio

(Aya enjoys a coffee)


Cartoon Network Animation Studio

And we also had a visit to the Cartoon Network Animation Studio.  No Halloween prepping here, just hard work and some solid counseling for us!  Along those lines, anyway.  It was good experience and we had a lot of fun and learned a lot!

And I guess that can be said for the trip in general: more than anything else we learned A LOT.  We spend most of our time just make make making and have no idea how to have that lead to anything but the finished piece itself.  So we are trying to learn how to go beyond that... and this trip was a step in doing just that!



Downtown & Jason & Aya

dublab Film Flash

Mushroom Hunting dublab Film Flash

Here's a very short animation we created recently for dublab!  It is part of their Film Flash, a series of promos created by a number of artists for their 12th anniversary.  The short promos will be officially premiered this weeked (10/15) at their 12th anniversary celebration.
The films are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License which means folks can remix and share them to their liking (with credit).

Our film is extremely simple and short and took us about 10 days to create (background elements we luckily already had).  It is about four friends out wild mushroom hunting.  They are very special little guys to us.  We first conceived of them for Ludic Chase, so please keep them in mind when it is finally released!

(Aside from the field recording we did, the music is by Andrew Pekler taken from his track "Exotic 1" on the Creative Commons licensed dublab sample compilation "Bonus Beat Blast".)

  Ludic Chase製作中にもうひとつ作っていた短いビデオ"Mushroom Hunting dublab Film Flash"が公開されて見れるようになっているので紹介します。

これはLAのネットラジオ局dublabの12周年記念のために作ったプロモビデオで、明日10月15日にLAで開催される 12周年記念イベントの中のFilm Flashというプログラムで公式にプレミア上映される予定のものです。
Film Flashには、他にも Spencer Ockwellなどdublabにゆかりのあるアーティストが参加しています。
このビデオは クリエイティブ・コモンズ・ライセンス 3.0の下で公開&配布されています。(Attribution-Noncommercial(帰属ー非営利) 

この4人はそれぞれにモデルがいて、今製作中のビデオ Ludic Chaseにもほんの少しだけ出演する予定です。同じ森の違う場所、違う時間のもうひとつの出来事です。

Salt Lake City Film Festival 2011

BLESS and Bryum and Kapok will be screening at this year's Salt Lake City Film Festival!
The festival is from August 18th to 21st, with BLESS screening on the 19th and Bryum and Kapok screening on the 21st.
Because our animations are shorts they are being paired with feature length films at each screening which should be interesting!

More details on the festival site.

Festival BLESS page
Festival Bryum and Kapok page

アメリカ・ユタ州ソルトレイクシティで、8月の18~21日の間に開催される映画祭、Salt Lake City Film Festivalにて「BLESS」と「Bryum and Kapok」 が上映されます。

詳細は フェスティバルのサイトで確認できます。

この映画祭は長編と短編を合わせてセットで上映するプログラムを組んでいて、BLESSは19日、Bryum and Kapokは21日にそれぞれ長編作品とともに上映されます。こういうのは初めてかも。


Next week BLESS is screening at the Melbourne International Animation Festival!  It will screen as part of the Music Video program on the 22nd from 6:30.  Further details can be found on the festival's website!

急な話で来週になるんですが、オーストラリア・メルボルンで開催される国際アニメーション映画祭 Melbourne International Animation FestivalMusic Videoプログラムにて「BLESS」が上映されることになりました!

BLESS at Stuttgart

International Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart!  2011!  We were invited to screen Bless at this year's festival!  Which is very lucky considering we completely forgot to submit.
Bless will be screening as part of the Animated Music Videos section on May 5th at Metropol 1.  We will be alongside a great selection of amazing music videos (recent Blockhead video, Gorillaz video, etc.)!  This really is a great honor.



この映画祭のアートディレクターUli Wegenastによって選ばれた、”昨年のベスト&最もオリジナルなアニメイテッドミュージックビデオ”の21の作品の中には、アニメーションが話題になった最新のBlockheadのビデオや、Gorillazのビデオなどなど…。その中にBLESSも仲間入りさせてもらっています。

Friday Night: Benefit Success & The Caldron


Here are some photos of the Huge Love for Japan: A Benefit set up.  We neglected to take any photos after the event actually started, but rest assured it was a success!  $600 was raised for the World Vets Japan Animal Disaster Relief Fund!
We screened some animations, people read poems, did some comedy, played some music, sold some vegan baked goods, held an art raffle and generally did their best for a very good cause.  We are very grateful to have been a part of this benefit!

昨日開催された被災地の動物のためのベネフィット、Huge Love for Japan: A Benefitに行ってきました。
このイベントを企画してくれたキャロリンによると、一晩で600ドルが集まったそうです!このお金は全てWorld Vets(世界獣医協会)の特別支援プログラムWorld Vets Japan Animal Disaster Relief Fundに送金されます。



Ryan & Jason
But before we went down to Northampton we sped up to Bellows Falls, VT for our close friend, Ryan's exhibition, The Caldron, opening.  The space, 7sq Gallery at the Works on Paper preservation studio is very nice and the town, which we'd never been to before, is really lovely, with a cute little downtown and an opera house too!
Most of the work Ryan had up we had only seen on his website so it was really wonderful to see them at their full size.  The impression some of this new work leaves really needs to be experienced in person for full effect.  A lot of mesmerizing and disconnecting moments to be had.

そのアニマルベネフィットのイベントの前に駆け足で見てきた友人ライアンの個展、”The Caldron”のオープニング。バーモント州Bellows Fallsという所にあるスタジオWorks on Paper内のギャラリー7sq Galleryに行ってきました。

このBellows Fallsという町、二人とも初めて行く町だったのですがなんだかいい感じに小さくて、でもいろいろ詰まってて(小さなオペラハウスもあって!)とても素敵な町でした。短い間しかいられなかったのが残念。個展開催中にもう一回くらい行けるといいな…。


上写真:左/DM 右/会場にてジェイソン(右)とライアン(左)

Citrus Cel Animation Film Festival

Bless Still


Here's another festival: we were invited to screen BLESS at this year's Citrus Cel Animation Film Festival in Jacksonville, Florida!  The festival runs from April 8-10 and BLESS is part of the Music Videos section screening on the 9th from 6:00.

4/8〜10の間、フロリダのJacksonvilleで開催される映画祭 Citrus Cel Animation Film Festivalにて「BLESS」が上映される事になりました。

Photos of Relief for Japan

Benefit Concert at The Elevens

Oh!  So, the Relief for Japan benefit concert went quite well!  They ended up donating to Direct Relief International.

Below are some photos from the night.  There are a couple of photos of Yume playing music while our animations screened, which worked out nicely especially since we have some previous experience.

先日(3/23)、オーガナイザーのジョセフの企画で開催された「Relief for Japan」の模様です。


ここで集まった500ドルは、ジョセフが責任を持ってDirect Relief Internationalに寄付いたしました。


Benefit Concert at The Elevens

Benefit Concert at The Elevens

Benefit Concert at The Elevens

Benefit Concert at The Elevens

Benefit Concert at The Elevens

Benefit Concert at The Elevens

Benefit Concert at The Elevens



So!  There's the fundraiser tomorrow night!  And the animation we're still working hard on.  But we're still keeping busy with festivals as well!
A while ago the folks from the Mecal International Film Festival invited us to screen Bless as part of the Music Video section of this year's festival.
We agreed!
The festival is from the 8th to 17th of April and takes place at a number of locations across Barcelona, Spain.  The festival has a really great lineup, we are very grateful to screen, especially in our category, with so many fantastic directors (Spike Jonze, Eric Wareheim and many others!).

短編映画祭、MECAL Short Film Festival at Barcelona  2011内のMusicVideoプログラムにて、「BLESS」が上映されます。

INSTITUT FRANCÈSの4ヶ所です。(私達の上映がどこかは今の所不明ですが…)




(日本語は いつも通り下にありますよ)
Some Overture animation will be screening this Sunday (2/20/11) at the Silent Movie Theatre (the Cinefamily) as part of dublab's ninth Labrat Matinee!  Our Minds Align!
Lots of amazing videos by a wide range of talented artists will be screened and we are very grateful to be a part of this event.  Details below!  Come if you can!

LAの先進的ネットラジオ局、 dublab(ダブラブ)が2/20に主催する映像イベント、Labrat Matinee #9でOvertureが参加します!
dublabは、日本でもただ素敵な選曲をするラジオ局としてだけではなく、Into infinityというユニークなプロジェクトなどでも知られてる非営利のラジオ局で、私達も普段作業中などによく聴いてます。
そして会場はLAのSilent Movie Theatre (the Cinefamily) !ここは、いつか行ってみたい映画館で、先日はヤン・シュワンクマイエルの最新作”Surviving Life”をプレミアしたり、ほんとにい〜い映画ばっかり流すのです!LAに住んでたら絶対通う!

SUNDAY, February 20th
dublab presents…A LABRAT MATINEE 9 : our minds align
Open your pupils wide and join us for rarely seen music videos, new dublab VisionVersion films, comedy clips, out-there animation and other eye-melting magic. After the films stick around for a musical mind alignment party featuring a live performance from one of dublab’s favorite bands plus Labrat djs playing soundtrack selections on the Spanish Patio. Don’t miss these visions burning bright!!!

Alex Pelly
Alex Takacs
Benjamin Kutsko
Dugan O’Neal
Flying Lotus
Good Neighbors
Huckleberry Lain
Isaiah Seret
Joe Nankin
Joshua Cohen
Judah Switzer
Julian House
Martin Reige
Matt Amato
Matthew Robinson
Nicolás Méndez
Nika Machaidze
Ola Vasiljeva
Petro Papahadjopoulos
Spike and Jones
The Books
The Qualities of Light
+ More

60 Watt Kid
Active Child
Broadcast & the Focus Group
El Guincho
Flying Lotus
Hanni El Khatib
L.A. Ladies Choir
Natalie Beridze
Nite Jewel
Raphael Saadiq
Scissor Sisters
The Books
+ More
Surprise Guest Performer immediately following the films!

All Ages / 7:30pm
Arrive early to see an exclusive intro film by Dugan O’Neal!!!
$12 general or FREE FOR CINEFAMILY MEMBERS. Click HERE to buy advance tickets.
the Cinefamily
611 N Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, 90036

Istanbul Animation Festival!

This is happening right now and for some reason we didn't even know it!
But!  If you are around Istanbul this weekend check out the Instanbul Animation Festival taking place at the Pera Museum from the 16th to the 19th.
Bryum & Kapok was selected for this festival and is screening on the 19th at 1:30 PM.

We are very grateful to be a part of the festival, especially now when various threads of our life are connected to this ancient city.

トルコのイスタンブールで開催される、イスタンブールアニメーションフェスティバル(リンク先は英語です)のコンペティション部門で「Bryum & Kapok」3部作が選ばれました!

IAF6. | Istanbul Animation Festival

フェスティバル開催期間は12/16 から19まで。(もうスタートしています)

More DOTMOV Dates

DOTMOV has added a number of international locations to its traveling festival!  
Check out all the dates and additional info here!
Currently the videos are screening in Stockholm but they'll be in L.A. (NORBERTELLEN GALLERY), Buenos Aires (G104)São Paulo ( 2010), New York (Ward Nasse Gallery) and Kuala Lumpur (KLDW2011), while continuing at various locations in Japan.

We'll certainly be going to the New York screening in February! 


日本国外だと、現在ストックホルムで上映中。その後、ロス(NORBERTELLEN GALLERY)、ブエノスアイレス (G104)、サンパウロ( 2010)、ニューヨーク(Ward Nasse Gallery) 、クアラルンプール(KLDW2011)で上映予定でそうです。


This is happening!  FatCat is holding their Open Circuit event at Kunstencentrum Belgie in Belgium on December fourth and some of our work will be screening at it!
Details here!  In addition to the FatCat musicians playing, work by Semiconductor, Danny Peresz, Jeff Dessom, a documentary on Vashti Bunyan and others will also be screening and Shobo Shobo will have an installation of some kind.
Sounds like a good time!

来月の4日に、イギリス・ブライトンのレコードレーベル、FatCat recordsスペシャルイベント、Open Circuitにていくつかの作品が上映される事になりました!
会場はベルギーのKunstencentrum Belgieです。

上にあるポスターにも、”OVERTURE ANIMATION”と名前を入れてもらっています♪作品だけでも参加できて嬉しいです。

DOTMOV 2010 Select!

BLESS has been selected for this year's DOTMOV festival!  We are very honored to be picked up again, this time by Ian Anderson of The Designer's Republic, who even wrote a bit about the work:

"When the democratisation of technology means that the means of creative production is lead by technology not creativity it's refreshing to see moving art which moves you, engages the viewer, tells a story. I was hoping for something like this, something that expanded and communicated a concept rather than just being one."





Oneiric Caravanツアーで訪れた京都のカフェアンデパンダンも入ってます!)

Screening at VFA!

We will be in New York tomorrow and Saturday for the Vimeo Festival and Awards. Our animation, BLESS, nominated for an award with nineteen other videos in the Music Video category but ultimately cut out of the final five, is still screening at the festival.
It will be a part of the "Altered States" screening taking place on Friday at the SVA Theatre.

明日から、Vimeo フェスティバル&アワード(10/8 & 9)に出席のためニューヨークに向かいます。


上映されるプログラムは、8日の2時から3時半にSVAシアタースクールオブビジュアルアーツのシアター)で行われる「Altered States」です。 


Green Design Festival

BLESS is getting a Greek premiere! A little while ago we were asked to include it in the Green Design Festival in Athens taking place from September 23rd to October 10th. Needless to say we were grateful for the consideration and eager to comply!
The Green Design Festival looks to be a very big event sponsored by the city of Athens and Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate change. It will look at the relationship between design and the environment and how to improve it. Sounds pretty great! I wish we could go, but being a part of it at least makes us happy.


ギリシャの首都アテネで9/23から10/10まで開催されるGreen Design Festivalの中のスクリーニング、GREEN SCREENINGS内で上映されます。キュレーターはUKのキュレーションエージェンシーDouble Decker



Storytellers Reflections

A couple days have passed since our Storytellers at STONE. Our exhibition has also finished and we are busy preparing for the future until our time in Japan is up, mostly trying to figure out how to fit all of these meetings in before we leave.
Though only a week the exhibition at STONE proved to be the most successful yet, especially in terms of traffic. As the Kichijoji location is a ways from where we have been staying we originally only planned on visiting the gallery a few times during the week, but the first day of the show so many people came we realized we needed to be there every day.
The exhibition finished with Storytellers on Sunday which also turned out to be the most successful so far, with a full house, a wonderful lineup of musicians and an incredible Storytellers performance made possible by the collaboration of Toyama Takeo.
Toyama wrote new pieces or altered existing pieces specifically for each part of the story we had written, drawing the audience into the Storytellers world more than ever before.
There were no worries the performances would be anything less than amazing, but when we started the evening, opening the doors and once again inviting audience members to make masks with us, some folks were concerned people wouldn't be drawn into the mood of the evening. But by the time Toyama's set finished and he played Aya onto the stage the whole of Kichimu was enveloped in the Storytellers world.
It was truly a magical night.
We are extremely grateful to Toyama Takeo, Cotoribijutsukan, Sheeprint, Shinsan, all folks connected with Kichimu and everyone who came out for the event. We look forward to our next exhibition at STONE and the next opportunity to perform Storytellers or the next level of this kind performance with Toyama.

12日のStorytellers in キチムの夢のような夜からもう数日たってしまいました…そしてSTONEでの個展「Moon Hare」も展示期間を終え、これで今回の日本滞在中の全てのイベント&展示が(一応)終了です〜!




この展示の最終日、12日の夜に開催されたイベント”Storytellers”は魔法がかかったような時間でした。共演の小鳥美術館さん(名古屋から来てくださいました)とOneiric Caravanを一緒に回ってきたSheeprintさん、そして今回一緒にStorytellersをやってくださったトウヤマタケオさん!





(Photo by Picorin)

Oneiric Caravan in 九州/KYUSHYU

Oneiric Caravan is finally under way! Currently we are taking a short break back in Tokyo between the Kyushu leg and Kansai leg of the trip and wanted to give a quick summary of our first two shows.

First off, the folks who worked with us in Kyushu (producer wood/water records Ishii-san and everyone else) were incredibly hospitable and kind, putting five of us (Overture and Sheeprint) up every night and driving us and all of our luggage all over the island from houses to venues to dinner to train stations and so on. We look forward to spending time with them in the future!

The first show was in Hita, roughly halfway between Beppu and Fukuoka, at Liberte, a small cinema run by Hara-san and his partner. It is a beautiful cinema with a large lobby and small gallery space and they screen a wide variety of films. Although located in an out-of-the-way town it has forever altered my desired travel route for entering and leaving Beppu.

The performance was a mercifully soft start as the mask making and Storytellers was advertised for children. And though we never considered the performance for children the whole experience was somehow a great success, the children really getting into making their own masks and surprisingly enjoying our storytelling and animations.
The mask making and screening was in the afternoon and then in the evening Sheeprint played at the front of the theater and we drew in response to their music, using a video camera and projector to display what we were doing on the screen behind the band. This too was more of a success than we had considered and we look forward to doing something similar in Nagoya and also in Osaka.
Still, there is much to change and we are learning with every performance.

The following evening, after a long car ride, some excellent pastries and a bath in a mountainside onsen, we were in Fukuoka, performing Storytellers with Sheeprint in a show with other bands. The members of these other bands, Autumn Leaf and Awamok, were a friendly and boisterous group of guys very interested in creating a more mutually supportive artist and community environment in Fukuoka, and they treated us like old friends.
As for the performance, Storytellers with Sheeprint backing all went very well and we can't wait for the next opportunity (Sat.)!

All in all it was an amazing experience and we'll definitely be making our way back down to see these folks again in the not-too-distant future.

(More photos of the trip on our flickr account!)

Oneiric Caravanツアーの九州公演、日田・福岡とも無事終了しました!




そして次の日8/14の福岡公演は、薬院のspace IDEという美容室の2階にあるイベントスペースで開催されました。「Moon Hare」の展示作品のなかから数点、壁面に展示もしました。
Awamokのみなさん、Autumn Leafのみなさん、とても楽しい方たちでした。また会いましょう!

そしてこの九州公演を成功に導いてくれたwood/water recordsのスタッフのみなさん、どうもありがとうございました!

( flickrのアカウントで他の写真を見ることができます。)



Our MoonHare exhibition at Gallery Blue Ballen wrapped up last Friday and we wanted to thank Ura-san, Tomoko-san, Hirakawa-san and everyone who came out to Yufuin to see the show! It was a wonderful success and will surely prove to be a seed for future projects in Oita-ken.

Another festival announcement! This time it's the KLIK! festival in Amsterdam, September 15-19th. I thought we had written on this earlier as it was decided a while ago - but they only just recently uploaded the schedule so maybe we had been waiting on that.
We will be screening Bless at the festival in the Commissioned Animation Competition.
We have never screened in Amsterdam and the KLIK! lineup looks really great! Should be a fantastic festival!


上映されるのはBLESSで、 コミッションアニメーションコンペティションという部門で選ばれました。