Animated Dreams in Estonia

BLESS is screening in another festival!  In Estonia!  And we're going!  
Specifically, BLESS is screening as part of the Japanese Indie Animation category in the Animated Dreams festival (11/16-11/20), the animation end of the Black Nights Film Festival (11/16-11/30) held in Tallinn.
Even more specifically, the Japanese Indie Animation category is split into two groups and BLESS is in the Fantasy and Fanfares half.  It will be screening on the 20th from 5PM.

We will be screening alongside some really amazing Japanese Indie Animators, most famous, perhaps, from the CALF label (Atsushi Wada, Mirai Mizue) and Academy Award-nominated Koji Yamamura.  It is a great honor to be invited to screen among these folks!  We will try and make friends with everyone.
Plus, we are going!  So if you live in Tallin or are visiting let's say hello!  Or if you are not around but have some recommended spots, that would also be great!  We are there all next week!

エストニアの首都、タリンで開催されるBlack Nights Film Festival(11/16-11/30) 内のアニメーション映画祭Animated Dreams  (11/16-11/20),で「BLESS」が上映される事になりました!そして今回は私達も会場に向かいます。

今回、日本作家の特集プログラムJapanese Indie Animationでは、作品達をイン/陰と陽/ヤンの二つに大きく分け、そのヤンの方のグループ、題して "Fantasy and Fanfares" (11月20日)の中で、CALFの皆さんや山村浩二さんの作品に仲間入りして上映されます。
会期中には「緑子」や「A Cat in Paris」や山村浩二さんの最新作「マイブリッジの糸」など、そしてもちろんエストニアの作家達の新作映像、他にもたくさんの作品達が上映されます。