Leaf Pendants!

August 29th was Overture's birthday (and Aya's!) and at eight years old we still have so much yet to share and do! But at the same time we are amazed at what has been accomplished in this time and are so grateful for so many supportive friends and family and fans that have helped us to come so far!

We're fairly busy at the moment, working on a non-animation project and preparing to go to the Sapporo International Short Film Festival next Sunday, but we wanted to do something for Overture's birthday. We still have a few Ludic Chase leaf pendants (actually there are more with the Magi Union in Japan) and thought we would make what we have available for purchase!

The pendants are leaf-shaped and are taken from the leaf that Gunnar waves to attract fireflies and ultimately Oyami in the yet-to-be-publicly-released, Ludic Chase! The animation is doing a few festivals right now and hopefully will be out and about the internet this Fall! Below is the very first still from the animation that demonstrates the calling power of the leaf.

There are only thirteen of these pendants in our possession! I recommend you get one or more for yourself or your loved ones. I should also mention they are all the similar leafy shape but each one is perfectly unique as we crafted and painted them with our own hands. Available on our etsy account!


少し手元に残っているLudic Chase葉っぱのペンダントをEtsyストアで販売するのはどうだろうと思いました。
この葉っぱの形のペンダントはグンナルとオヤミちゃんの出てくる夕暮れ時の蛍の森の物語、Ludic Chaseから生まれました。
ちなみにLudic Chase、いくつかの映画祭での上映を待っていますが、いよいよこの秋頃にオンラインでも見てもらえるようになる予定です!(下の画像は葉っぱの力で蛍を集めるグンナルです)

ペンダントトップ、そんなにたくさんはありません。(日本のMagi Unionでも少し保管してるみたいだけど…)ご自分にひとつ、もし気に入ったらもうひとつ、いかがでしょうか。