The Working Proof

The Working Proof, an online artist print store that donates 15% of all sales to a number of charities contacted us a while ago about selling Overture prints through them.
We were happy to!
But at the time they were only selling prints that the artists made themselves. Since we didn't have any prints of our works we had to wait - until now! Recently, The Working Proof has been producing prints for some artists as well (Anna Corpron and Sean Auyeung, the founders, are Printmakers) and one of our illustrations was just released for sale today!
The piece is from the MoonHare series we created in 2010 and traveled to Japan with during the Oneiric Caravan tour with the record label flau. We also showed the series at the Peskeomskut Noisecapades Inaugural in 2011 and some of the illustrations traveled to la Gaîté Lyrique in Paris and Berlin in Pictoplasma's Post Digital Monsters group show this past winter.
None of the illustrations from the MoonHare series have been made a print yet, so this is the first opportunity to get a copy of a part of it - at a reasonable price!
And just in time for Ludic Chase, which we will release online later this summer!
In this scene from the MoonHare series, Hobomuck the giant has pinned the ears of the young MoonHare to the full moon where its power spills down into his tail.
Aside from some planning, the general shape and idea of where in the story the illustration would fit, this piece, like most of Overture illustration work, was improvised.

This is a digital print and available in three sizes: 8"x10" (edition of 50, $35), 11"x14" (edition of 50, $60), 16"x20" (edition of 25 mounted on bamboo panel, $595)

From the charities The Working Proof works with we chose 826 National. They are great! We visited their LA location last fall and will take a look at their Boston chapter very soon!

Anna Corpron from The Working Proof did a short interview with us which is also available up on their site. It is brief and we offer some more in depth answers to the story behind the MoonHare, some of our recent interests, artists we like, etc.

Oh, and if you are interested in the print but can't afford it right now or want someone else to buy it for you, The Working Proof even makes it possible to add it to your Amazon Wishlist right on the print's listing page!

ニューヨークのオンラインギャラリー&プリントメイカーThe Working Proof

MoonHare #09, by Overture

このシリーズは、2010年に湯布院のギャラリーブルーバレンでの展示、flau主催のOneiric Caravanツアー、2011年の冬には凍った川の上でのイベントPeskeomskut Noisecapades Inaugural、そしてPost Digital Monstersではパリのla Gaîté Lyriqueと、先日ベルリンで開催されたピクトプラズマでも展示されていた人気者です。

このプリントの売上げの15%は、昨年の秋にロスに行った時に訪ねた事もある826 National。6~18歳の子供達のための放課後の勉強&クリエイトの場を提供するNPOです。(前回訪れたときの模様:リンク中頃です)

プリントは以下の3サイズです:8インチx10インチ (50枚限定, 35ドル), 11インチx14インチ (50枚限定, 60ドル), 16インチx20インチ (25枚限定 竹製パネルマウント, 595ドル)

英語のみですが、主催のAnna Corpronが行った短いインタビューも掲載されています。英語のみですが、アメリカ以外の国からのオーダーも受け付けているそうです。