Kichimu Summer Tshirts! / キチムでTシャツ!

English below!





場所は吉祥寺キチム内ギャラリー STONE
Overtureで"Moon Hare"の展示やStorytellersをやったあのギャラリーです。

私達の他には、第一回ほぼ日作品大賞sunuiさん、Spoken Words Projectさん、Toraneko bonbonさん, anuenueさん, Jubileeさん, Boojilさん, 扇谷一穂さん他と、キチム&STONEにゆかりのある人達が参加します。なんて面白そうな企画!


Far away in our Summer Camp it is a wonderful surprise to be contacted by the outside world.  This happened the other day when we received an email from the gallery STONE to come up with a tshirt design or two for an upcoming showcase/launch:

"Sweaty! Summer Tshirts Launch at Kichimu"!

We had an exhibition and a Storytellers performance with Toyama Takeo last summer at STONE, located in Kichijoji's Kichimu, and it is our great pleasure to work with them again!
Plus, the other folks involved in the show make some truly amazing stuff.   Spoken Words Project, Sunui, Toraneko bonbon, anuenue, Jubilee, Boojil, Kazuho Oogiya, among others will be designing shirts along with us!

Summers in Japan are super hot and heavy with humidity and this Tshirt launch will hopefully help to alleviate the sweaty oppression and lift spirits!  We are doing our best to come up with some refreshing and ridiculous designs!

The tshirts will be on display on the following dates: 8/12, 8/13, 8/14, 8/19, 8/20, 8/21 and available for purchase or order during these times or anytime afterwards.