Nook Notes: Entry 03

Here is a short video of us and some birds!
It is also a short video describing our current workspace and the surrounding area.  The river and the dam play a large role where we are now, we see it when we wake up in the morning and hear the deep roar of the falling water when we go to bed.
At the beginning of the video when the title appears the shot is of our spot of inspiration, Barton's Cove, which is very close to us, and even visible from our studio now that the leaves have fallen off the trees.

The music, by the way, is by Rec.tangle.  It is a little sketch he did for us in preparation for a feature-length animation we are slowly planning.

新作ビデオの情報をお伝えするNook Notes。


ちょうどタイトルが出ている所で今回のビデオのアイデアが生まれたBarton's Coveというキャンプ場のある半島が映っています。