This is really only pertinent if you can read Japanese, but the wonderful Japanese site, Public-Image, which focuses on artists, designers and other creators just put up an interview they did with us!
It's the top story and really a very nice interview, performed and written up by the talented and extremely prolific Yuki Harada during our Summer trip to Japan.  They actually wrote a bit about us in 2007 when Rhubarbidoo came out, but this is our first interview for the magazine.
The interview is very detailed concerning Overture's beginnings and goals and we are extremely grateful to have this opportunity!  We hope this helps us find more work in Japan and possible exhibitions as well!
Thank you!

Oh, and also out today is an article on Overture in the magazine, Quotation.  Quotation is a Japanese magazine that I think is bilingual... we'll be receiving a copy shortly and will write a fuller report on the article then!