Rockaku Minshuku/民宿 Rockaku

We're way over our heads in what's to come over the next few months, but since we're getting into all this new stuff we thought it might be interesting to keep an occasional log of what we're up to.
Three days into our 2.5 month trip to Japan and we are already loving our new wayward lifestyle. For our first week our good friend and amazingly talented copywriter and cook, Rockaku, is putting us up.
Nearly every meal he puts together something delicious for us and brings us interesting perspectives on our work. He also helped us enormously by crafting the introductory text for our exhibitions in Tokyo coming up in September (found here).

We've also taken to running around the Imperial Palace in the mornings. It's a bit of dirty jog there, but the location itself is a safe and beautiful place to get sweaty.

Mostly though, we've been meeting with folks for our upcoming tour and exhibitions and trying to wrap up all the different projects that beg our time.

But more on all of this soon!



手伝ってくれた文章は、8~9月に開催される東京での2会場(原宿VACANT&吉祥寺キチムSTOMEギャラリー)の展示&イベントの告知として、原宿のVACANTのブログにアップされました。→こちら (この東京展示の事についても、また詳しく書きます!)