50th Krakow Film Festival

Last night (Sat. June 5th) Bless screened at the Krakow Film Festival in Poland, one of the oldest film festivals in Europe!
We were sworn to secrecy to preserve the surprise of the lineup, but it was a great lineup and we are extremely honored to be invited to screen at a festival of such history.
The lineup can be seen here while below is a nice trailer of some of the videos including a brief cameo by a friend of ours - see if you can spot him!

昨日(土曜日)の夜、ヨーロッパで一番古い歴史を持つ映画祭のうちの1つ、ポーランドのKrakow Film Festival内のプログラム/ミュージックビデオナイトにて「BLESS」が上映されました。