Arthur Radio

Tree dwellers, post-rain~~~
Last Sunday (03/14) we were invited to join DJ Hairy Painter and Ivy Meadows on Arthur Radio!
Arthur Radio is the weekly radio program of Arthur Magazine, streaming live on Sundays from 4 - 6 PM on Newtown Radio with a recorded version showing up on the Arthur site later on in the week.
Amidst a beautiful mix of music and animal calls picked at the hands of the two DJs we recreated aurally the Storytellers event, telling the same story from the event (Jason reading and Aya translating and recapping off the cuff in Japanese!) and playing songs used in our animations in lieu of screening the animations themselves.

We also shakily, nervously spoke about the Storytellers event, recent and future work, and how we work together collaboratively.
All in all it was a great time and we are extremely grateful to have had this opportunity!

The show is now up on the Arthur site, with beautiful illustrative language, and the animations used in the Storytellers event are even included in the post!

AND~~ during the show we put together this week's show cover artwork, seen at top.
Secrets and rumors waft up from between the floorboards that there will be future collaborations with these folks...

NY滞在中だった3/14、NYを拠点とするメディアArthur Magazineが送るラジオ番組、Arthur Radioに出演しました。
Arthur Radioは、毎週日曜の夕方4〜6時の2時間ブルックリンのNewtown Radioからライブストリーミングで放送し、その次の週にArthur Magazineのサイトで配信されています。