今夜、近所のターナーズフォールズのスターバックススタジオにて開催される”Starbux Studio February Rentparty!”の告知です。

Once again, we should've written about this earlier.
We didn't. We've been stuck with our heads in some projects we are at the tail end of and haven't been doing much with the internet.
Tonight (02/06/10) some of our animations will be screened at the Starbux Studiospace in Turners Falls, MA! They are having a rent party blowout and we temporarily had a room there, so we were kindly included in the list of activities for the evening.
Here's all the info:

Starbux Studio February Rentparty!
Saturday February 6, 2010. 6pm -10pm.
videos & performances start round 7pm ... suggested donation $5

music by:
Joshua Burkett

video works by:
Overture Brown
Neil Young, Cloaca

new mixed media visual works by:
Fafnir Adamites, Stash White, Paul Root, Lindsey French, & Rachel K. Garceau.

on display in various rooms throughout the evening will be:

portrait & still life paintings by astrological mystic Paul Root...
projected interactive digital visuals by permaculture-futurist Lindsey French...
collage, trash-design, & readymades by stealth visionary Stash White...
sculptural felt objects by fuzzmason Jessica Fafnir Adamites ...
pottery, drawings, & an installation piece entitled: "I couldn't hear a word you said." by new studiomate Rachel K. Garceau

and starting around 7pm there will be two performances & two videos screened:

Joshua Burkett, the gentle sweetheart co-proprietor of Mystery Train Records, co-synthesizer of Tarp, and putter-outer of damn-fine records on his Mystra imprint, will be performing a set of his curiously beautiful tunes. His records are gorgeous homey soundscapes with idiosyncratic acoustic guitar twinklings in the vein of fahey or elizabeth cotten. He hasn't been playing out too much lately, so we're thrilled he took us up on the offer!

also performing is The RICEnsemble. The RICEnsemble is a multi-dimensional sound unit dedicated to expressing musical vibrations as a perceptual substance to be shaped into unique artifacts for each performance. Led by composer / performer J Starpoli (a.k.a. Phloyd RICE), the Ensemble exists to actualize original musical concepts across a wide range of styles. Drawing on fringe traditions of world-wide experimental music, unorthodox theory, and quack science, the RICEnsemble creates sonic textures and materials that exist within themselves to be actively reinterpreted by the listener. Follow the sound.

We will be screening some short animations from our old studiomates, Overture Brown. This art/comix/design duo create enveloping worlds of cute/creepy characters prancing through landscapes dribbling with color. A cursory peep through their websites reveals a jaw-dropping array of projects & connections/collaborations with artists around the world - they are truly the hidden gem of Greenfield.

also screening will be the debut of Neil Young, Cloaca's newest video, an as-yet-to-be-titled piece from his ongoing Qwiktime 'N' Swiffkutz series. Shot during Fat Worm of Error's recording sessions this past spring with sound engineer extraordinaire, Justin Pizzoferrato, the video is an acrobatic camera collage of the Bank Row Studios' strange spaces, sounds, & textures. Also, brief excerpts from other titles in the Qwiktime 'N' Swiffkutz series may be screened as well.

there will be seconds pottery, felt items & recordings for sale, for those interested. suggested donations go to help us pay the brutal winter utilities. thanks!

entrance to the Starbux Studiospace is the green garage doors in the alley between 3rd & 4th streets - it is the brick building directly behind Burrito Rojo, next to the Rendezvous parking lot.