Parasol Magazine #6

The sixth issue of the sweet online publication, Parasol Magazine, run entirely (!?) by Yasmine Surovec, came out yesterday and has some pages of Overture work in it! The images used are the some of the watercolor and ink illustrations we created for our Caffeine Exhibition in Shelburne Falls, MA almost two years ago. The originals are still hanging, until the end of the month, as part of our exhibition at Elliot St. Cafe in Brattleboro, VT.

先日公開されたばかりのオンラインマガジンParasol Magazineの6号にCaffeine Exhibitionで展示した水彩&ペン画の作品が数点掲載されています。アリゾナ州在住のYasmine Surovecさんが編集&デザインしています。

この展示ももう2年前の出来事…現物数点が、今も開催中のブラトルボロ(バーモント州)Elliot St. Cafeで展示中です!