UNIQLO x Playful Type

UNIQLO shirts designed by Overture! Now! On the UNIQLO website! In Japan!
There are two up at the moment actually, with a third coming in March when the line is properly scheduled to be released worldwide. Right now they are only available on the Japanese site and a few locations in Japan.
The shirts are part of their Playful Type line, working with publisher Gestalten and the designs from the book of the same title, Playful Type: Ephemeral Lettering and Illustrative Fonts (hardcover currently sold out apparently, softcover available here).

ユニクロとゲシュタルテンのタイポグラフィ本Playful Type: Ephemeral Lettering and Illustrative Fonts」がコラボレーションしたPlayful Typeシリーズに、Overtureが参加しています。

Playful Type」は、昨年秋にベルリンの出版社ゲシュタルテンから発売された、世界各国の遊び心溢れるタイポグラフィを収録した本。(現在ハードカバーは完売、ソフトカバーのみこちらで販売されています。)


The lightgreen men's shirt below uses an illustration of ours, originally appearing in Issue #6 of
KASINO A4 and then picked up for inclusion, among similar designs of ours, for the Gestalten book.
The shirt is currently only available here, on UNIQLO's Japanese site (and a few select stores), but as stated above, will be out worldwide in the Spring.

下の写真にある薄緑色のTシャツは、KASINO A4の6号の挿絵として制作し、その後Playful Typeに収録されたものです。


The women's hooded sweatshirt below is one of two other designs of ours used for the Playful Type line. These were by request of UNIQLO after the NUTRITION design was selected, with the text and arrangement UNIQLO's planning and the just handwritten design Overture's doing. Again, this shirt is available here on the Japanese site at the moment with it and a similar design seeing a worldwide release some time in March.