Overture meets KiraKira!

KiraKira and Overture

KiraKira and Aya

KiraKira and Kippi

KiraKira and Kippi


Last night (Dec. 4th) we were lucky enough to meet up with Kira Kira and see her play live! She is in the middle of her U.S. tour along the East Coast and it just so happened she was booked at the Sierra Grille in Northampton, not twenty minutes from our home!
It was over a year since we'd seen her last and first talked about Our Map to the Monster Olympics and the ideas we had for it and though this was only our second encounter it felt like we were meeting an old friend. We caught up a bit and some new ideas and some wishful thinking was tossed around and we got to meet some of the fine folks traveling with her.
On top of the good company the music was also wonderful. This was our first experience with Kira Kira's live performance and as is usually the case with good music this offered a much more interesting sound and depth than simply listening to the recording. And this was even with the somewhat muffling acoustics of the venue and above the chatter of the audience.
Kira Kira was kind enough to dedicate her performance of "Bless" to Overture and Aya was able to capture this on magically low quality video.

We wish her and her crew all the best on the rest of their tour and hope that it will not be another 16 months until we meet again.

Oh, and please take a look at the rest of her tour schedule and catch her if she's alighting in your neck of the woods.

USツアーでアメリカに来ていたKira Kiraに、一年半以上ぶりに会いに行ってきたからです。

今回のツアー先のひとつが、Northanmptonという町にあるthe Sierra Grille。なんと家から車で20分というすごく近い場所でやる事がわかり、ここで会う事にしました。

演奏の順番が来るまでの間、minimonster ep
Our Map to the Monster Olympicsの事、そしてお互いに今までやってきた事やこれからやりたい事などたくさん話す事が出来ました。