Overture meets Hauschka!

Hauschka and Overture at Le Poisson Rouge

Photo:Kaori Saki


Just as we are about to embark on the creation of the third and final installment of the Bryum & Kapok animation triptych we receive a reinvigorating encounter! A meeting with the musical half of our project, Hauschka!
Friday night marked the first night of Hauschka's U.S. tour, playing at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC as part of the Wordless Music Series, something he participated in last year as well, and we were fortunate enough to make it down for this event.
Mikhail Simonyan and Tom Brousseau were the two opening acts, each as equally mesmerizing as they were different in their performance. Even before any music was played the venue was extremely full and we could find nowhere to sit which felt stranger than normal as Le Poisson Rouge is set up like a restaurant, with seats only at tables and a stage in one corner and a bar along the opposite wall. Luckily a kind young man and woman offered to share their table with us and we were able to put down our overnight bags and rest our feet.
Hauschka was wonderful and this time had two cellists and two violinists accompany him on a number of pieces from his new latest album, Ferndorf. These accompanying musicians did not fly over from Dusseldorf with him but auditioned and selected just the day before! They all performed beatifully however and even played two of the songs that are used in the animations. Needless to say, these were particularly moving.

Afterwards we were able to speak with Hauschka, as well as Tom Brousseau, and we were even able to finally meet Anna from FatCat USA. It was late and everyone had to be going somewhere but the connection and apprectiation was deeply felt on both sides and now we can take leave on this final leg of our journey with enlivened steps.

Le Poisson Rouge。ブロードウェイからちょっと歩いた所にある、赤い壁のシックな場所です。

ゲストは、ヴァイオリン奏者のMikhail SimonyanTom Brousseau
Tom Brousseauと

Tom Brousseau



Tom Brousseau