Playful Type


One week to finish the second piece of the Bryum & Kapok triptych!... Lack of sleep and anxiety notwithstanding everything is moving smoothly and we are looking forward to the completion of this part of the story.

In our studio today, wading among our papers and monitors and pencils and tissues we did notice a package had arrived without our knowing.
And to our surprise and wonder what should it be but the Playful Type book published by Gestalten we wrote about a while back!

It is quite a book! Thick and beautiful and many amazing artists - we are very happy and grateful and to be included in this collection.
And I've always wanted to be in a book too heavy for me to hold up and read.



それでもこうしてブログに浮かんできたのは、ゲシュタルテンから作品掲載分の新書「Playful Type」が届いたからです。
私達の作品は、KASINO A4 Nature issueに掲載されたフォントを象ったイラストレーションでした。こうやって本で届くととっても嬉しいですね…他の作品もどれも面白いです。