Animal Sounds on air at YGG

Yo Gabba Gabba's animal episode premiered on Thursday and we were able to catch it! We found out the hard way that the VCR was broken, it is from the eighties and made of steel and wood paneling and transformed back into its true alien robot shape before the lights in its eyes twinkled out - so we were unable to tape the program.
But we were able to see how our animation mixed in with the rest of show - and it stood up to the test! My father, who has seen the animation before, didn't realize he was watching it until half-way through.
The episode itself was amazing - all sorts of animal-related fun. We particularly liked when all the characters picked cards and danced like the animal depicted on the card. Also the guest band flew through the air riding on the backs of cats and dogs. That too was really fun.
Hope we can catch some more in the near future!

25日はYo Gabba Gabba!のために作ったアニメーション”Animal Sounds”の放送日でした。家でニコロデオンを見られない私達は、Jasonの実家に番組を見せてもらいにいく事に。