VELI magazine

VELI Magazine, from Finland, showed up on in our mailbox. We have no hope of reading it (it's in Finnish) but it is a very cool-looking magazine. We did some illustrations for an article about turning thirty and how thirty is the new age to be. It is the new twenty one or eighteen or what have you. The illustrations came out very nice in the magazine as you will see below.
フィンランドの「VELI magazine」にいくつか作品が掲載されたため、フィンランドの編集部が送ってくれていた雑誌が、今日到着しました。

This little guy was the at the beginning of the collection of articles ours was in. He's letting the readers know good things are ahead.

On the left page there are two human monster amalgamations who have grown to become very powerful spirits. The little creatures celebrate their growth as if they were small gods. They are the new power of thirty - hopefully their shape is obvious.
On the right page are more human monster spirits, not quite as developed and powerful as the thirty. This is eighteen and twenty one, the power ages of yesteryear. Little creatures run from them to join their friends on the left page.



The male three atop a tortoise and the female zero floating above the ground.

Celebrating little guys.

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