Tonight (03/08/08)

A little late in the posting, but tonight we'll be at McNeill's Brewery in Brattelboro where the band Amargosa will be celebrating the release of their self-titled debut album...that Overture did the artwork for (pictured above...the cover, anyway).
Things start at 9:30, according to the band's website they will be playing as well. We will offer up more images of the cd and its artwork once we get a copy tonight.

今夜、以前個展をやった町バーモント州ブラットルボロMcNeill's Breweryで、アルバムリリースパーティーを行うバンドAmargosaアルバムカバーの絵をOvertureが描きました。
Through The Music Galleryのオーナーという縁です。



ではでは 行ってきます