New Múm Video By Overture!!

Finally!! Our new animation "Rhuubarbidoo", is released upon the wild!
It is a music video for the
Múm song of the same name, taken from their latest album, Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy and heralding the start of their tour.

The story of Rhuubarbidoo is concerned with the life of rhubarb stalks, focusing on their growth ceremonies in particular.
Many creatures of the forest have gathered under the protection of the rhubarb patch canopy to watch the magic of the growth dance.
Towards the center of the great, twisted rhubarb canopy support, two younger rhubarb stalk, Rhubies discuss their abilities in the art of the dance. The bolder of the two makes to demonstrate, and though she falls flat on her face, taking the first steps of the dance calls the out the elder rhubarb stalk, Rhubes, and consequently initiates the growth dance.
Five Rhubies and five Rhubes dance around the supporting knot of sinewy stalks, drawing out the depths of their sour magic until one of the Rhubies feels an awakening within her. The Rhubes gather around this Rhubie and guide the magic forward, finally releasing the Rhube within and allowing the Rhubie to grow up.
The ceremony does not end here as now there are one too many Rhubes for the next dance. The Rhubies, frightened by the transformation of their sister and the events to follow escape to the folds of the center support while the Rhubes gather around their eldest.
In a moment of intesity the Rhubes display for a briefly reveal the true face of their magic, in turn calling out and draining the spirit from the eldest Rhube.
Now nothing but an everyday, healthy stalk of rhubarb, the former eldest Rhube takes his leave of the magic canopy to join those like him in the gathering outdoor rhubarb patch.

Thank you
Múm and thank you FatCat!


Overtureの作ったアニメーションが、アイスランドのバンドMúm(ムーム)の新曲『Rhuubarbidoo』のビデオとしてUKレーベル fat cat recordsよりリリースされました!
Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy』の収録曲で、2分もない短い曲です(よかったよ…)。

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