To the Table

Now that we are actually here the real challenges present themselves. Out of the piles of boxes and clothes and little toys and scraps of paper that have no proper place, threads of projects and ideas work their way up and beg to be tied.
And even more fundamental issues, like what must be left behind when two worlds combine to make one, find their way to the top and demand to be faced, again.
What must be left behind?
Two separate worlds are brought to one table, maybe each not fully formed, but one making up for the other in some places and in other places, overlapping.
Even if both worlds are proportionately developed in some places and undeveloped in others, they are not jigsaw pieces, they will not fit together perfectly. They must be forced together so whole loving ideas and colors and even characters spill over and are discarded like too much jam in a sandwich.
But some, many even, of the pieces do fit and that is why there is a draw to the table. To doubtfully sacrifice so much of one's self for a greater world that is unattainable alone.

This is our constant struggle. We never know if it will get easier or increasingly harder. We can only face it, to come to recognize it, once again, in order to move past it and become productive.