Boots Cuts

The Boots Brothers were long and solid in build, with white ruffled fur dirtied from life on the water's edge. They were usually in the markets on Shopping Day, but kept to themselves and surrounded themselves with dark mystery. Three weasels, said to have escaped from a distant prison and travelled by scent and moonlight to the city, they were brothers by name and comraderie alone. When first they started frequenting the markets people would ask their name and "Boots Cuts" was the only reply. And so the Boots Brothers they became.
They lived on the sunken banks of waterways of the city where it was wooded and shaded and the discarded goods of people above washed up and collected. These goods they would fix and polish and along with scrawny little fish they would lay them out on a blanket on the edge of the Square on Shopping Day. The Boots Brothers were underfed and poorly groomed but this did not keep them from being an attraction for women and children. Though they were quiet and hid a reputably sordid past they walked with a danger and swagger not seen in most men of the city. With this adventure and unkempt charm they gathered smalled crowds of wide-eyed children and flustered women and sold back to the people what had been thrown out a week earlier.
At day's end the Boots Brothers would off to the waterways with pockets singing full of coins.