Lost Cities and Current Events

Spent the better part of the day writing to different publishers and sending them samples of our work while taking breaks to work on the illustrations we are doing for the third issue of OneOneNine.
We are hoping we will like one of the illustrations enough to have proper posters printed for selling.
Also in possible merchandise-related news, we are trying to decide on an image for a small button we are looking to get made. To select an image that we like and want on a button is easy. What is difficult is choosing an image that is meaningful enough to be identified as Overture's but small enough to fit in the confines of a one inch diameter circle.

Unrelated, but far more fascinating, BBC had an article up a few days ago about a city found off the Western coast of India in the Bay of Cambay that is possibly 9000 years old.
Further research ensues.
I should probably mention that I just finished reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, so anything having to do with the sea and mystery are pretty much going to set me off.

Captain Mystax is an illustration we did for a close friend and while not completely related it was closest link to aquatic adventure I had on hand.