Halfway Animation


Our new animation, Halfway, is finished and out in the world!  The story was inspired by many of the events of the past year, both across the globe and our own personal experiences.  Dealing with immediate circumstances and connecting with the past while realizing one's potential. 
As always we are very grateful to be able to create our own artwork, tell our own stories while working with amazing musicians and being encouraged and supported throughout the process!  Thank you Yasukawa-san, Rayons, Predawn and everyone else!

In other news, Ludic Chase is also complete!!!  And will hopefully premiere somewhere soon so we can share it here as well!

1/18に発売の1stアルバム「After the noise is gone」で手がけたデザインと同じ世界観で制作したので、CD/映像共に相乗的に楽しめるものになっていたらいいなと思います。

そうだ、実はLudic Chaseも完成しているんです!これらの事についてもまた近いうちにお知らせできればと思います。