contact: hello@opertura.org

Overture animates stories of animism and cosmic nature with funny creatures. Collaboration and improvisation play key roles in hand drawn animations, illustrations, comics and a variety of live events and performances. Their work has screened and been presented widely domestically and abroad. Started by Jason & Aya Brown in Okutama, Japan 2004.

2004年、東京でスタートしたJason BrownとAya Brown(山崎綾)の二人組。現在はアメリカ・マサチューセッツ州で活動中。

ショートフィルム/ミュージックビデオ/コマーシャル映像/米TV子供番組「Yo Gabba Gabba!」の映像制作や、雑誌/CD&レコードジャケット/Tシャツなどのイラストレーション制作、壁画、陶器作品、絵本など制作。2010年より朗読×上映×音楽をミックスさせたパフォーマンスを開始している。


Select Festivals:

Animated Dreams (Estonia 2014, 2011)

Animation Block Party (USA 2014, 2013)

Animation Breakdown (USA 2014)

Animatricks (Finland 2014)

Bradford Animation Festival (UK 2014)

DOTMOV (Japan 2012, 2010, 2008)

Edinburgh International Film Festival (Scotland 2008)

Fantoche (Switzerland 2010)

Fest Anca (Slovakia 2012)

International Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart (Germany 2011)

Istanbul Animation Festival (Turkey 2010)

Kinofest (Romania 2012)

KLIK! Festival (Netherlands 2014, 2010)

Krakow International Film Festival (Poland 2010)

Melbourne International Animation Festival (Australia 201)

Optica Festival (Spain 2012)

Pictoplasma Animation Festival (Germany 2010, 2009)

Raindance Film Festival (UK 2012)

Salt Lake City Film Festival (USA 2011)

Supertoon (Croatia 2012)

Vimeo Festival and Awards (USA 2010)