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Overture is a creative unit of Jason and Aya Brown exploring the unconscious through storytelling in animation, illustration and live performance. They have developed collaborative processes, improvisational in nature, that enable them to reach creative places neither could arrive at on their own. In this way they tell stories that are for everyone, strange but familiar, reaching toward a common human core.

2004年、東京でスタートしたJason BrownとAya Brown(山崎綾)の二人組。現在はアメリカ・マサチューセッツ州で活動中。

ショートフィルム/ミュージックビデオ/コマーシャル映像/米TV子供番組「Yo Gabba Gabba!」の映像制作や、雑誌/CD&レコードジャケット/Tシャツなどのイラストレーション制作、壁画、陶器作品、絵本など制作。2010年より朗読×上映×音楽をミックスさせたパフォーマンスを開始している。

Press ・ Publication 

2012 The Character Compendium (Pictoplasma, Germany)
2012, 2010 Cartoon Brew (USA)
2012, 2010 Public-Image (Public-Image Ltd., Japan)
2011 映像作家100人(100 Video Artists) 2011 (BNN, Japan)
2010 Arthur online magazine/radio (Arthur, USA)
2010, 2009, 2008 Pitchfork (USA)
2010 "The New Twenties" (IdN x Society6))
2010 FrizziFrizzi (Italy)
2009 CG Magazine (China)
2010 FrizziFrizzi Interview (FrizziFrizzi, Italy)
2009 Atmosphere (GAS AS INTERFACE, Japan)
2009 Playground (Spain)
2008 AFTERHOURS Issue #25 (AFTERHOURS, Japan)
2008 SHIFT (Japan)


2012  Optica Festival (Spain), Kinofest (Romania), DOTMOV (Japan), Laterna Magica (France), Raindance Film Festival (UK), Fest Anca (Slovakia), Supertoon (Croatia), Sapporo International Short Film Festival 2012 (Japan), The First Setagaya Video Festival (Cafe Study, Japan)

2011  Animated Dreams (Estonia), Salt Lake City Film Festival (United States), Melbourne International Animation Festival (Australia), International Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart (Germany), Citrus Cel Animation Festival (United States), XIII Mecal International Short Film Festival of Barcelona (Spain)

2010  Istanbul Animation Festival (Turkey), Vimeo Festival and Awards (United States), DOTMOV (SHIFT, Japan), Open Circuit, FatCat Records Festival (Belgium), Green Design Festival (Greece), Krakow International Film Festival (Poland), Psychedelic Midnight Mix (Pictoplasma, Germany), KLIK! Festival (Netherlands), FANTOCHE (Switzerland), SPORE Incident (Mexico) 

2009  Swatch Young Illustrators Award Nominee (Illustrative, Germany), Little Pencil Workshop (Institute of Contemporary Art London, U.K.), Imaginaria Film Festival (Italy), TWEAK (Ireland), 30th Durban International Film Festival (South Africa), NIPPON Connection, Indie Animation Festival, Laputa Animation Festival (Animation Soup, Japan/ South Korea), PICTOPIA (Pictoplasma, Germany) 

2008  DOTMOV (SHIFT, Japan), MirrorBall Festival (Edinburgh International Film Festival, Scotland), Floating World Animation Festival (Floating World Comics, United States), Animation Soup (Japan), KITCHEN MOTORS NIGHT (Kitchen Motors, Belgium)


2010 MoonHare (Blue Ballen Gallery, VACANT, STONE, Japan) 
2010 Storytellers (IVANAhelsinki Popup Store, United States) 
2010 Elliot St. Cafe Exhibition (Elliot St. Cafe, United States) 
2008 Caffeine Exhibition (Mocha Maya’s, United States)
2007 Matatabi Matsuri (Through the Music Gallery, United States) 
2006 Sweat Lodge (Mail Art Gallery, Japan)

Group Exhibition

2012 Pictoplasma Festival (Pictoplasma, Germany) 
2011 Post Digital Monsters (Pictoplasma/ la Gaîté Lyrique, France) 
2011 Let's Sweat! Summer Tshirt Show (Kichimu, Japan) 
2010 Alfa Romeo Anniversary Exhibition (Illustrative/ Alfa Romeo, Italy)
2009 Yo Gabba Gabba! Exhibition (Pink Hobo Gallery, United States)
2009 Phobia Exhibition (MOYTOY, Lithuania) 
2008 Greetings From ____, Postcard Exhibition (Sunshine Studio, Japan) 
2008 Wine Label Exhibition (Chubby's/ Vin Santo, Japan)
2008 POKETO First Editions Print Show (Poketo, United States) 
2007 Forever Home (Little Cakes Gallery, United States)