Music video for the songs ElternHeimat and Freibad by Hauschka from his album Ferdorf. 
Two forest creatures, removed from any dated time, dwelling across a mountain range of familiar leaf and branch. Kapok, of light and fluffy form, drifting in thought on quiet afternoons while keeping to the glades of the lower mountain forests. And Bryum, mossy and tough-skinned, traveling from distant elevated plains to live and grow deeper into the moss and lichen and rock among the higher mountain firs. Lost in their own personal worlds they shape and protect the ancient woods they live in. 

Direction, Animation: Overture
Music: Hauschka

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Swatch Young Illustrators Award Nomination

Illustrative Festival (Illustrative, Germany), Little Pencil Workshop (Institute of Contemporary Art London, U.K.), Imaginaria Film Festival (Italy), TWEAK (Ireland), 30th Durban International Film Festival (South Africa), NIPPON Connection, Indie Animation Festival, Laputa Animation Festival (Animation Soup, Japan/ South Korea), PICTOPIA (Pictoplasma, Germany)