100 Video Artists In Our Hands

The 100 Japanese video artist book we mentioned arrived yesterday and sure enough!  We are in there as well.
It is a beautiful book (though a little pricey at 3800 yen) and would be a great resource for someone looking for video artists to contract.  There doesn't seem to be anyone in this book who isn't incredibly talented in some aspect of video production.  Some folks are technically savvy while others, like Onnacodomo, use simple techniques for playful and colorful results.
Every artist represented has a two page spread with stills of past work, a short bio in Japanese and English and contact information.

以前にここでお知らせした4/25発売の本「映像作家100人 2011」ビ−・エヌ・エヌ新社 / 3,800円) 
とてもきれいな本で、二人の知らない沢山の作家の方の絵柄などを眺める事ができて、楽しんでいます 日本語/英語で全ての文章が読めるのもいいです