Nook Notes: Entry 01

This is the first in a series of posts recording the progress on a new animation project we are working on at the moment.
It's been over a month since returning to Western Massachusetts from our Oneiric Caravan tour in Japan and much has happened during that time.  And while there is still much uncertainty and a great number of details twirling in the air, one project has guided our decisions and lead us to surprising and promising territory: a new animation!
This new animation, which we've mentioned in passing before, uses the music of our good friend in Brighton, Rec.tangle, and was born out of an extended camping trip we took last year.
The camp ground we used, in Barton Cove (Gill, MA), is a small, but removed peninsula in the Connecticut River.  Overlooking the water through the trees, seeing a small light from a distant cabin on the far shore gave rise to the story of this new animation where many of these elements play prominent roles.  
And as fortune would have it, just as were searching out a new place to live, we were introduced to a small cozy apartment/studio up on a hill overlooking the Connecticut River, not a mile from Barton Cove!  We are now able to properly research and create the animation while continuing to receive the same inspirational influences we originally received when conceiving the story and its characters!

As we begin to sink ourselves into this new world we are also on the lookout for support to enable us to devote more time over the Winter to the animation and have it ready for the Spring!  So let us know if you are interested in helping us out or know of any parties who can!
In the meantime, look out for more production notes from our cozy nook on the hill! 


以前にも書きましたが、今回の映像ではイギリス・ブライトン在住のRec.tangleの新作アルバム「Heavy Maple」 の中から提供してもらった曲を使用しました。


This is Gunnar.  He is a clever fellow who works hard and bundles up properly when the weather turns cold... but what else?  What are his goals and dreams and is he mischievous or kind of bashful?  
And what's in his bag?

Gunnar is one of two main characters in our new animation and this is yet just a rough sketch of the guy.
Next time we will take a look at Oyami and wonder what she is about.



次回のNook Notesでもうひとりの主役、オヤミちゃん(女の子です!…たぶん)を紹介しようと思います。お楽しみに!