Oneiric Caravan in Tokyo!

Tonight is our last night in Kyoto. Tomorrow we leave for Nara and then Wakayama on Sunday. The first of our two exhibitions then starts next week, wrapping up on Saturday with FoundLand.
But right now we wanted to talk about the week following next, concerning the exhibition at Stone in Kichijoji and the event that wraps up that week on the 12th.
While FoundLand at Vacant is its own event, what we will be doing at Stone on the 12th is actually part of Oneiric Caravan with Sheeprint playing and us performing Storytellers and inviting folks who come to makes masks with us. The difference this time though, is that instead performing Storytellers with Sheeprint we will be joined by the amazing Toyama Takeo!
We have enjoyed Toyama Takeo's music for many years now and getting a chance to perform with him, especially in this unique form, is really a wonderful opportunity. He will of course be playing his own set, as will Sheeprint and Cotoribijustukan who joined us in Nagoya (and are great), but he will also be playing music while we read the storytelling portions of the Storytellers performance. We are incredibly excited.
The whole evening looks to be coming together just nicely and we sincerely hope folks reading this living in Tokyo or nearby areas (or have friends who do) to come out as this will be a very special performance.




このイベントはSTONEだけでなく、キチム全体を使って行われます。今回Sheeprintと日本各地を回ってきたOneiric Caravanツアーの最終日として開催されます。
ここでは映像と音楽と物語のパフォーマンスStorytellersを、なんと トウヤマタケオさんと共にできる事になりました!