Bless is Coming

A new animation will welcome 2010. An animation deeply connected with our good friend KiraKira, using the song Bless from her 2008 album, Our Map to the Monster Olympics.
With every cd copy of the album came a large, foldout map for the Monster Olympics. The map was broken into sections and each section corresponded to a song on the album.
The section for Bless is there on the left. Aside from some loose and independent interpretations of the lyrics for the song, the image was created through improvisation, letting our collective imagination describe the scene.

The animation will touch on a number of themes that have occupied our live these past few months and years, while bringing to visual life the flavor of Kira Kira's sweet and haunting music.

You will see!

今回のビデオはKiraKiraのコラボ!彼女が2008年にリリースしたアルバム「Our Map to the Monster Olympics」(アートワーク:Overture)の収録曲「Bless」を使用しています。

このアルバム、「Our Map to the Monster Olympics」のパッケージの中には、タイトルの”モンスターオリンピック”会場で配布されるマップが入っていました。