2009 playlist on flau

For the past few years the record label flau has asked friends of the label to come up with playlists for the year, to see what folks have been interested in and maybe gain some small collective perspective on the time that has passed.
This year Overture was kindly asked to come up with a playlist, so we tried to look back and see what really stuck with us through 2009. Flau's playlists aren't limited to just music though. Films, books, shows, almost anything can be thrown in. Appropriately then,
ours is a jumble of different media and recurring events that were important to us throughout these twelve months. But pared down. We tried to keep the list short.

Overture 2009 playlist

Our connection to flau isn't great, but seems to slowly becoming stronger over time. In 2008 a song of KiraKira's appeared in the flau compilation,
Little Things, and this past year aus, the music creation end of flau founder Yasuhiko Fukuzono, played a show with Hauschka during his Japan tour. Hopefully more connections with flau develop in the future!

Also, we were asked to include a photo with our playlist, and we've added it at the top of this entry. It is a photo of Deerfield, MA, looking out from Sachem Head where we spent most of our outdoor time this year and took anyone who came to visit.

AND, Buttobi Bear & Caesar are taking a break this week but will be back soon for some holiday and new year cheer!


"aus"という名前で国内外で活動されているYasuhiko Fukuzonoさんの主催するレーベル、flauの2009年プレイリストにOvertureが参加しています。

flauでリリースされたコンピレーションアルバム「little things」にKiraKiraが参加していたり、聞いた所によると先日Hauschkaとも日本の上野公演で一緒になったりと、まだお会いした事はないですが、何かと縁の近い方です。

上の写真はプレイリストでも紹介しているもので、リストの”Outdoors” にもある、Sachem Headという小さな山の頂上から眺めたDeerfieldという所の眺めです。
このSachem Headという場所は、私たちの家に遊びにきた人全てが一度登る事になるという山で(と言ってもハイキング気分で登れます)今年一年の私たちのアウトドア活動を象徴する場所です。