Smooth & Good with a new Reel/新デモリール完成&公開

Three years later... we've finally put together a new reel!
This one is from the past three animations (well, five actually, but we count all three Hauschka animations as one now) we've done since the fall of 2007. So anyone who hasn't seen the Yo Gabba Gabba animation we did can catch some snippets in the beginning. This can also be seen in HD on the Vimeo site... I'm not allowed to embed the HD at the moment and I can't figure out how to change the permission.

The music is from William Onyeabor's "When the Going is Smooth & Good"


Yo Gabba Gabba!で放送されたアニメーションを見た事がなかった方は、ここで少しだけ見る事ができますよ〜。


使用曲は、William Onyeaborの "When the Going is Smooth & Good"です。